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480p, 720p, and 1080p links to download Inception


Watch the Inception movie online now! Download the movie from the official source and watch it in high quality.

In this article, I’ll share with you how you can download Inception for free via a video file hoster and if that’s not your thing you can simply watch it on YouTube. There are multiple copies of this film in different resolutions so just follow any of these links below to choose. I also have compiled a list of websites where you can learn new skills or knowledge from a variety of topics.

Introduction to The Inception

The science fiction action film written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Arthur Joseph Cobb, Domhnall Gleeson as Eames, and Ellen Page as Ariadne. Its plot follows Cobb (DiCaprio), an extractor of information from people’s subconsciousness for criminals; who enters the mind of Robert Fischer (Gleeson) to infiltrate a corporate board meeting and retrieve information that will incriminate them.”

The Inception movie is about a man named Arthur who is trying to enter a corporate board room to steal data from the memories of the corporation’s top executives to incriminate them.


Character names in The Inception

Elliot Page
Cillian Murphy
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hardy
Marion Cotillard
Ken Watanabe
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Pete Postlethwaite
Michael Caine
Miranda Nolan
Felix Scott
Tim Kelleher

Story of The Inception

The story of the movie “Inception” is told in a manner that doesn’t make it easy to tell what the events are taking place in, or even if they’re anything more substantial than a series of dreams. It is up to your imagination and interpretation on which parts you believe are real and which parts you dismiss as fake.

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The movie Inception is a film that is based on people’s thoughts and dreams. In the film, these are called “inceptions.” People who do inception are planting ideas into someone else’s mind.

The inception starts when Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team of forgers penetrate deep into the subconscious of their target, Robert Fischer Jr. (played by Cillian Murphy), to plant an idea there: if Robert believes his father has abandoned him, he will abandon his father’s business empire to Cobb and his team.


Fans claim that Christopher Nolan’s hand-drawn Inception blueprint, which has gone viral, is “more perplexing than the movie.”

The Christopher Nolan-created blueprint of the dream world and cuts within the movie Inception have gone viral because it’s more confusing than the film itself.

Twitter users have been perplexed by some of the lines and their meanings, with one saying it was “kinda like trying to find a needle in a haystack” while another said they could see where they were going but “didn’t know how”.

The blueprint is likely to be just as hard to comprehend in reality as it is on paper. But if you’re still struggling, don’t worry about getting lost.

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