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This new Vesper trailer shows just how dangerous the future of Earth is


Vesper Trailer is an AR sci-fi indie horror game for PC and Mac. The game has a sample you can play where your character is aboard a ship that crash lands on the surface of Earth.

The player must survive in this new planet’s barren environment with scavenged resources and what they find from the shipwreck.

The world quickly turns into a more serious matter when you realize that Earth isn’t as untouched as it seemed, but rather has been heavily polluted by other alien worlds that have fallen to the apocalypse. You must work together with everyone else on your team to survive this hostile planet.

Introduction to The Vesper

“Vesper,” tells the story of two young men in pre-WWII Germany attempting to stop a group of powerful industrialists who lead their country into war. The film, based on a novel by British author Margaret Atwood, is directed by Edward Zwick and takes its name from one of the protagonists, an enigmatic woman named Vesper Lynd.


The movie is set in Berlin during World War II and follows the main characters through their lives as they attempt to expose the truth about what caused Germany to enter that era’s horrific conflict.

Story of The Vesper

A man from Texas walks up to the only other southerner in a bar and says, “Hey, y’all wanna hear a good story?”

“No thanks,” the other gentleman replies politely. “I’m going to sit over here and drink my beer.”

The Texan shrugs his shoulders and sits down at an empty table. He takes out his drink, takes a sip of it, sets it back down, and looks around at the scenery. He then looks back down to his drink, picks it up again as if he was going to take another sip but instead throws it hard against the wall behind him making a loud smash sound.


Film Vesper’s Second Trailer: Apocalyptic Bio-Hacking Science Fiction

Director Drew Pennington’s Vesper is a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic thriller. When a group of survivors escaped an ongoing alien invasion by bio-hacking themselves with animal DNA, they didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into. They may have been able to escape Earth and the bloodthirsty horde of aliens hunting them down, but they will never be free of the deformities that come with their altered biology. The world has changed and no one knows who they can trust or who is even still human.

The film is written by popular writer-director Drew Pennington, who is known for his screenplays for the 2014 horror movie ‘Retribution’ and the science fiction/action hybrid film ‘Extinction’, as well as his work on several comic book series. The screenplay has won an award in Intro to Screenwriting, as well as a short film award and a broadcasting award.

“Pennington’s screenplay transports us to the future promised in dystopian sci-fi novels such as Greg Bear’s Aurora Dawn but expands those possibilities with a more complex story than we typically find in these types of movies.

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