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The Wagatha Christie tale starring George Clooney and David Vardy will soon be a major motion picture

Wagatha Christie

The extraordinary decision from David Moyes to dismiss his assistant, Steve Round, six minutes before the end of play on Saturday meant the Scot had not prepared for a crucial game at Old Trafford against Liverpool. Three points down at half-time and facing a Merseyside derby on Tuesday night, United could have done with a plan B and C. There was nothing to suggest they had even practiced them in training.

Instead, there was a blur of bewilderment and disarray and no attempt to disguise the chaos. There are now serious doubts over what kind of manager Moyes is becoming. On the evidence of his performance, it is hard to see how he will be able to turn around United’s season in time to keep his job beyond May. United’s players are said to be appalled by the way they were made to look like idiots by Swansea City on Saturday. They have not exactly been blessed with tactical acumen in previous years but Moyes has overdone it with his tactical naivety this season.

Introduction of The Wagatha Christie

Wagatha Christie was stabbed more than 20 times before her throat was cut. This crime remains unsolved, with justice yet to be served in this tragic case. As news spread about the murder on Long Island, New York, it sparked a decade-long search for answers as many continue to wonder how someone so young could have been taken from us. Nearly ten years after her murder and still no closure for the family of this college student who wanted nothing more than love from someone else in return. Still no answer as to why she died and lost her life on that cold night she was just 26 years old, leaving behind herself four children who are now 14 and 12 years old.

Names of the characters in The Wagatha Christie

Jodie Comer as Coleen Rooney
Billie Piper as Rebekah Vardy
Ryan Thomas as Peter Andre
Channing Tatum as Wayne Rooney
Jamie Bell as Jamie Vardy
Stephen Graham as Davy Jones
Sharon Horgan as Caroline Watt


Story of The Wagatha Christie

In what is considered one of the most iconic tales in history, we find our protagonist and narrator, Hercule Poirot, on the Orient Express as he investigates a murder. Poirot is handed an odd case by the murdered man’s friend that had been discovered with a dagger buried in his back. After making inquiries, it becomes clear to him that there are more than just logical reasons for suspicion — everyone had an alibi except for three people: The murderer; someone who was convinced of their innocence and has now admitted to it; and someone else who used a clever tactic to prove their innocence.

The libel trial of Wagatha Christie is the subject of a new, high-budget drama

It is hard to predict how audiences will react to a large-scale costume drama with waltzing and big-band music, but after the success of The King’s Speech, there is great anticipation. Great costumes, beautiful settings, and a compelling courtroom drama: that’s one lot of Christie aficionados who are eagerly awaiting this cinematic event.

Others are up in arms about the film

“A cast of thousands and a flying squad of lawyers,” is how one commentator described the political and legal wrangles that have surrounded plans to bring the classic murder mystery to the cinema screen. The story centers on an English village, St Mary Mead, where everyone knows each other, and where a famous mystery novelist – “Wagga-Wagga”, as she was known to her friends – lives in genteel retirement. But a film producer calls Dame Agatha’s bluff as he prepares to make a big-screen version of one of her books.

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