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The MCU’s director gives a sneak peek into the craziness of “What If” seasons 2 and 3

What If?

Marvel Cinematic Universe director, Anthony Russo, has confirmed that the next two seasons of “What If” will take things in a more shocking direction. It has always been one of Marvel’s most iconic comic book runs with crazy storylines such as “What If Iron Man Had Killed Captain America?” and “What if Spider-Man Was The Superior Arachnid?”.

In season two, the CW show will go even more out there with characters like Thor and Black Widow battling for the fate of Earth. The executive producer teased how characters like Thor and Black Widow might shift allegiances due to their immortality now that Thanos is on his way to destroying everything.

Introduction of The What If?

The What If? movie was created by Christian Williams. The main character is played by Logan Lerman who is a high school senior named Adam Hillman whose father dies of cancer at age 52. His father was the sheriff of a small town named Glacier Peak, Oregon. Adam is left alone with his mother and four siblings. His mother is a registered nurse for the county hospital who owns a car wash. His older brother, Wayne Hillman (played by Aaron Yoo), is self-centered. He dresses in black clothing with his hair spiked. And wears a lot of metal jewelry around his neck and arms. Wayne was supposed to be taking care of Adam. But instead left him to take care of everyone else including working three jobs. As well as paying the bills since their mother couldn’t even pay attention at one job.

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Names of the characters in The What If?

Josh Brolin
Mark Ruffalo
Chris Hemsworth
Chadwick Boseman
Michael B. Jordan
Michael Douglas


Story of The What If?

What If? the movie is a story about a group of friends who play the game, The Watchers. And those answers affect their lives in the present time. The Watchers was created by Oliver James after he had an accident and lost his wife, daughter, and unborn son in childbirth. It was his way of coping with grief and dealing with what could have been.

Oliver’s mom helps him find it again by sending him to her friend’s farmhouse for the weekend. During his stay at the farmhouse, Oliver meets a girl named Emma, and his feelings about death, what’s important in life, and things he thought he had found but lost all come back to him. He struggles but overcomes all of his fears of death and disaster. Emma feels the same way, after she loses her best friend in a car accident she is terrified that it will happen to her family one day. She tries to avoid anything that could hurt them, including Oliver. They both learn that love can conquer all, even the power of death.

If only… Marvel 1602 Will Return, as Teased in Season 2 Trailer

Marvel is coming out swinging with a new season of what if, and the premiere will be on Netflix. Their new series has revealed that Loki won’t just survive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but will lead to a whole new timeline (and some major changes) for Marvel. But this isn’t just an exciting trailer–it also highlights a few key points. The Seventeenth Century is one of the most popular Marvel stories out there, but this is not your usual movie based on an alternate universe. Instead, it is its own unique story that takes place in a different period and paints a rather different version of comics history. Now the novel series will finally come to fruition on screens with its very own cinematic adaptation! What can we learn about social justice issues from this piece?

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So, what do you think about The What If??


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