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The Heartwarming Hijinks and Tantalizing Tropes of “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation”

Summer Vacation

The upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game is promising. Also, to deliver a novel experience that the franchise has not been able to offer before in its nearly thirty-year history. With Lego’s penchant for nostalgia, mixed with modernized visuals, the game promises a heightened story that will excite both old and new fans of the series.

In “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation,” players will dive head first into a summer day-long story trailer of the events leading up to The Force Awakens. There are many different ways that this campaign could play out, all of which come with their unique advantages and drawbacks.

Introduction to The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation movie is a compilation of short films based on the popular theme set in, and around, a typical summer camp.

The film includes some of the best LEGO Star Wars stop-motion animation and music videos on the planet. The series covers everything from space tourists to wrestling robots to skateboarders breaking through buildings as they fly off them.


The entire series is a very unique and interesting story that has been compiled. Also, into a movie and presented for viewing by LEGO aficionados. Some of the shorts look like they were shot in the 1970s, but regardless of how old the footage is, these are all fun to watch!

When thinking about summer camp, one thing to think about is when all the kids have gone home. That’s usually when all the bad kids come out and do their best to make trouble at you-know-where. The bad kids are usually stupid enough to do things that get themselves caught or ruined by their actions.

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Character names in The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

Matt Lanter
“Weird Al” Yankovic
Matthew Wood
Dee Bradley Baker
Trevor Devall
Thomas Lennon
Kyleigh Curran
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jake Green
Allie Feder
Yvette Nicole Brown
Kelly Marie

Story of The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

There’s no Voltron or Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse coming out this year, but LEGO has announced their major release in the form of The LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation.


Fans of looking at how much hard work goes into making great movies will also be interested to know about how this motion picture came to be. It all started with an idea by James Watling, who heads up content creation at LEGO. His idea was originally inspired by the LEGO Ninjago Movie, which he worked on while at Disney, and the idea of making a movie based on a LEGO theme was his vision that he wanted to realize.

“It started with just me thinking about what would be cool if we could make a movie in the LEGO universe, where we could bring all of our themes together as we have here in the main The LEGO Movie,” said Mr. Watling. “And I sort of did like The Simpsons variety pack when they had a Springfield theme pack called America Sings.”

On a Scarif-centered beach party, the LEGO Star Wars creators spend their summertime

Traveling to a beach but don’t have time for the long haul? Wish you could just bring the beach with you? Now, all is possible! In celebration of summer coming to a close and Star Wars coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD, LEGO has created the ultimate vacation destination: a beach-inspired Star Wars world.

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Adults can not only build their models with Legos but also participate in laser tag battles or tackle obstacle courses set up by “Stormtroopers.” Children will also be able to enjoy real sand, water slides, and other fun activities.


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