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The First Trailer for the Sidney Poitier Documentary for Apple TV+ Debuts — Film Industry News


The first trailer for the upcoming Sidney Poitier Apple TV+ Documentary has been unveiled. The film will chronicle the life of one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, as well as his challenging early years in the entertainment industry. The documentary is scheduled to premiere on October 15th and promises to be a must-watch. Check out its first trailer below! Sidney Poitier is one of Hollywood’s most eminent actors, who will tell his story with a new documentary about his life, which will be broadcasted through Apple TV+.

Introduction to The Sidney

A young girl is a teenager who grew up overseas with her father. When he dies, she travels back to Ohio for his funeral along with her two half-sisters (one she’s never met before). There she learns that his death was not an accident–he committed suicide–and her world falls apart. She doesn’t understand why he killed himself or how because he always seemed like such a happy person. In this movie, the main character, Sidney, was very “emotionally distant” and she never lost her temper or showed much emotion except when her father died. In one scene, when she was trying to get into college and one of the people interviewing told her no, she just kept talking to him as if he didn’t say no. She didn’t even seem to care that he said no. The movie was very interesting because it showed how a person’s life can change in a matter of a few hours.

The trailer for the Documentary “Sidney” Shows How Sidney Poitier Connected Hollywood with the Civil Rights Movement

Who was Sidney Poitier?

On the surface, he was a petty criminal with a long list of arrests who threatened violence against his fellow citizens. Yet, as we see in the trailer for Sidney, Sidney grew into one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors and award-winners.In this story about how Poitier came to be such a revered figure in American society, we’ll hear from some of his contemporaries and colleagues as well as watch clips from several of his films. It is with these clips that we will understand the impact that he has had on culture over time through his work on the big screen. As Truman Capote says in one clip, “The black face is always hiding something.

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Story of The Sidney

In the late 1800s, a fictional character named Sidney (played by Henry Hathaway) lived in England and was on the run from a criminal gang he’d left behind. It was his nephew, Michael Sidney-Frye (played by Robert Wagner), who tracked him down and persuaded him to come back to America. John Payne plays Henry Darrow, a reporter for “The Daily Sentinel”, who is determined to expose Sidney as a fraud. To prove himself right, he creates an elaborate hoax that convinces the public that Sydney is not real and has never existed.


Despite the rumor mill, Neve Campbell will not be appearing in Scream 6

A big fan of the Scream series, I was very excited to hear that not only is Scream 6 a reality but Neve Campbell is coming back as her iconic character Sidney Prescott. I was even more shocked when she told me that she was not actually in the film. Neve Campbell has been playing a lot of video games in the meantime and has grown really into them. When asked about it in an interview with Variety, she said: “I’ve been playing a whole lot of Battleborn. It’s really fun. I worry about missing my kids too much and playing too many games.

So, what do you think The Sidney?

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