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The Executive Producer of Resort Dissects Season 5, Episode 5 and the Upcoming Mysteries


This week, the Resort Showrunner interviewed a producer from the set of “The Night Shift”. The producer shared that episode 5 is an unforgettable experience for many reasons.

The fifth episode culminates in a conversation between Dr. Otis and Dr. Charles. They talk about her father and her previous experiences with death in war zones overseas. It’s a powerful discussion, one that will resonate with viewers of all generations who have lost loved ones to war or experienced the death of family members due to natural disasters or diseases.

Introduction to The Resort

Everyone has fantasized about quitting their job and escaping to a tropical island. Now’s your chance to make it a reality! The Resort movie will tell the story of how two ordinary people fall in love and then pursue their dream of opening a resort, all in the process of rescuing themselves from life’s daily grind.

Featuring fantastic scenic views, an exciting adventure story, and one couple’s pursuit of the American Dream (and their own personal “Happily Ever After”!), ‘The Resort’ is our latest project in co-producing English language films with China. It will be our first official Hollywood production set in China and filmed entirely on location.


Character names in The Resort

Cristin Milioti
William Jackson Harper
Nina Bloomgarden
Skyler Gisondo
Debby Ryan
Nick Offerman
Ben Sinclair
Luis Gerardo Méndez
Gabriela Cartol
Parvesh Cheena
Michael Hitchcock
Becky Ann Baker

Story of The Resort

When Natalie and James, a young couple from the United Kingdom, visit The Resort for their honeymoon in Maui, they are expecting peace and relaxation. Instead, they are met with such hostility that it makes them question how much is too much to endure for love.

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Natalie is met with more than just a cold shoulder when she spends her first day trying on the wedding dress she had shipped over from Britain at The Resort’s customary bridal boutique. With more than just the dress in tow, James follows his wife-to-be inside and bumps into something he was not expecting: a rather large gentleman clad head to toe in black who leans over him as if he is going to cuff him.

Presenting The Resort, Book One of a Thrilling Comedic Mystery Series

The Resort is the latest and MOST TERRIFYING thriller to hit your hands, eyes, and brains. Here’s what it looks like when the partying stops and all hell breaks loose at the best luxury resort that money can buy. But if you’re looking for a good time – not terror – this isn’t what you’re after. As one reviewer said: “It was so intense I lost sleep.”


If you find yourself in need of some quick laughs or want to go on a thrilling adventure then The Resort is just right for you! This series will take everything that was wrong with Friday night dinners and turn them into something more horrifying than any story your imagination can come up with.

What do you think about The Resort?

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