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Season 6 of “Black Mirror” may feature Salma Hayek Pinault and Annie Murphy in starring roles

Black Mirror

Netflix is interested in Salma Hayek Pinault and Annie Murphy for roles in season 6 of Black Mirror, Deadline reports. The two actresses would co-star together “in one of three new episodes.” No other details are known at this time. – Variety If you want to know what’s coming up on the sixth season of Netflix’s Black Mirror and who will be starring in the show, then read on! Deadline reports that Salma Hayek Pinault and Annie Murphy have been tapped for minor roles. They’ve also been tasked with starring together “in one of three new episodes.

Introduction of The Black Mirror’ Season 6

The Black Mirror’ Season 6 describes how season six picks up where season five left off. The time for change has come for humankind to start anew in a better place than before. The writers drew a blueprint of what this new society will look like and it’s easy to get excited due to its implications on how people are leading their lives now and what they will be doing in the future.

Names of the characters in The Black Mirror Season 6

Bryce Dallas Howard
Hayley Atwell
Miley Cyrus
Cristin Milioti
Daniel Kaluuya
Alex Lawther
Jessica Brown Findlay
Jon Hamm
Anthony Mackie
Jesse Plemons
Pom Klementieff
Toby Kebbell
Hannah John-Kamen
Letitia Wright
Angourie Rice
Jodie Whittaker

Story of The Black Mirror’ Season 6

The Black Mirror, a popular British anthology sci-fi series that airs on Netflix, has recently been renewed for a sixth season. The show is based on the short story “On the Road” by author David Mitchell and consists of three stories each half an hour long. In “Entire History of You,” a woman wakes up one day with her entire memory, both recent and old, implanted in two devices that were surgically attached to her brain.


In this episode, an average man who goes by the name Raymond begins living his life as if he was already a king by murdering his family members before they even arrive at their destination so he will not be caught. This episode, the episode is split into two parts; one being his life as if he was a king, and the other being him being judged after he has been captured. In this episode, a couple gets involved in a car accident and the woman, Hannah, wakes up completely amnesic. She has no knowledge of herself or anyone she knows. The story follows Hannah trying to discover who she is while also recovering from her injuries. Meanwhile, Hannah’s husband Cole struggles to remember her and care for her while at the same time trying to figure out what happened before and after the car accident.

Actor Rory Culkin has been cast as the lead in the upcoming sixth season of the Netflix anthology series “Black Mirror.”

Rory Culkin is set to star in the sixth season of Netflix’s hit series, Black Mirror. The anthology show will be an anthology of six films with each episode focusing on a different technological innovation. The new additions to the cast also include Dear White People’s Logan Browning, although it remains to be seen if she will have anything more than a guest appearance.

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