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Season 13 of “Archer” Trailer Calls for an Experienced and Responsible Agency Head


The basic premise of the series is that a spy agency called The Agency is dedicated to keeping global peace and it has found itself in need of a new partner.

Unfortunately, none of the candidates are suitable and Malory catches wind of an opportunity to hire Jonny Quest and his team from the 60s cartoon show, “Jonny Quest”. They have currently stuck in time thanks to another dimension-hopping weapon that was developed by Dr. Zinzendorf.

‘Archer’ Season 13 Trailer Seeks a Mature and Responsible Leader for The Agency (1) Title: The basic premise of the series is that a spy agency called The Agency is dedicated to keeping global peace and it has found itself in need of a new partner.

Introduction to The ‘Archer’ Season 13

An animated comedy that centers on the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) and its employees who specialize in espionage and global crises, Archer is a witty take on the action drama genre.


The series follows the adventures of suave, yet insecure, world-class spy Archer as he casts aside his lavish life of women and luxury to embark on a dangerous mission to find ISIS’S most coveted treasure. Cracking-wise at every turn, Archer’s super-spy skills soon come back into play when he finds himself drawn into a dangerous game of global intrigue.

Character names in The ‘Archer’ Season 13

H. Jon Benjamin
Judy Greer
Amber Nash
Chris Parnell
Aisha Tyler
Jessica Walter
Lucky Yates
Adam Reed
Dave Willis
George Coe
Tom Kane
Jeffrey Tambor
Peter Newman
Maggie Wheeler
Leigh Jackson
Christian Slater
Ron Leibman
Neal Holman

Story of The ‘Archer’ Season 13

After the close of Season 12, fans were eager to see what season 13 would bring for their favorite group of ISIS agents. The wait is now over and Archer Season 13 has begun!

This season is going to be a shift from previous seasons with the appearance of a new character, Dr. Krieger, who you might remember as a recurring character in previous seasons. This year, he joins ISIS as their Chief Scientist and Head of Operations which will have an interesting turn on things this year at ISIS.


Heading into this season, we also have Archer’s mother in the episode “Mother” from Season 11; Lana Kane (who is a CIA agent in the episode, “Lana Kane”) from Season 9, and Cyril Figgis (from the episode “Quiver”) in the Season 10 premiere “Mole Hunt.”

Season 13 will also mark Archer’s 600th appearance on FX. If you are thinking about following this blog or just want a rundown on what to expect, read ahead! Features alcoholic drinks such as Falstaff’s draft, Skyy Bull Vodka, Port, and Monkey 47 Rum.

Archer Returns to the Danger Zone for Season 13

Fresh off the success of its second Emmy win for Outstanding Animated Program, Archer is set to return to FXX with 13 new episodes beginning.

In its eighth season, Archer faced some of its toughest challenges yet as they set out on a secret mission that put not only their lives at risk but also the lives of everyone in ISIS. We’re proud of our team for coming through these trials stronger than ever and we’re excited to see how they deal with the uncertainty of another undercover operation next season.”


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