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Moviegoers may expect to see a softer side of Knoxville native Dale Dickey in his latest film, “A Love Song.”

Winter's Bone

Knoxville native Dale Dickey has had a long and successful career on the Disney Channel, and he’s now set to show off his softer side in his new movie, “A Love Song.” In the film, he plays Jack Clausen, a man who is forced to confront his homophobia when he falls in love with one of his straight friends. Now Dickey is revealing the many ups and downs of making a movie — from post-production pitfalls to what it’s like for an actor to perform romantic scenes with another man. Here are 10 things you might not know about “A Love Song.”

Introduction of The Winter’s Bone

In the winter of 1979, when she is sixteen, Ree Dolly’s father disappears from their house in the Ozark Mountains. He leaves no note and his fishing pole behind. Ree sets off with her brother and a neighbor to find him. They follow his secret paths up into the blazing heart of things – one of those strangers’ worlds that release us back into our own with heightened urgency. Clarity is impossible without knowledge of danger. The day-long journey sees Ree fly an airstrip at 100 miles an hour. Also, break open her father’s hidden gun cabinet and track his footprints down a white-hot coal road.

Names of the characters in The Winter’s Bone

Jennifer Lawrence
Ronnie Hall
William White
Dale Dickey
Kevin Bresnahan
Tate Taylor
Garret Dillahunt
Russell Schalk
Ramona Blair
Cody Brown
Raymond Va

Story of The Winter’s Bone

The movie was filmed in Missouri and the Ozarks. When crack cocaine began its spread across America and funds for law enforcement were being cut. Also, it lost to Black Swan. This story will cover what it took to film this movie on such a tight budget. And how much work it took to get such great results. I will do this by pointing out some of the resources that were used for the filming to get it to look so realistic.


When filming, the set had a lot of props and decorations for the house. The inside of the house had an old stove with pots, pans, and even an old radio that had no electrical power. To make sure things like this looked real, there was also a lot of dust around everything including on the floorboards.

What Makes You Scared in the Dead of Winter

The novel “Winter’s Bone” by Daniel Woodrell is a story about one family’s desperate attempt to avoid being evicted, and their fight for survival. This book takes place in West Carthage. The barren landscape and icy, snow-covered woods create fear for Streeter and his children. Streeter works as a garbage collector to support his family because he is hunting for various things for them to survive and not be caught up in the cycle of poverty that surrounds them. His wife died from bone cancer last year when they were on the brink of homelessness due to finding out that she had no insurance before her death.

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