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Hugh Jackman-Laura Dern Drama ‘The Son,’ Along With Four Other Films, Gets a Release Date From Sony Classics

The Son

Sony’s indie arm, Sony Pictures Classics, has set release dates for four of its upcoming films. They are: “Wildlife,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan; “The Son,” which stars Hugh Jackman as a Texas man who builds a dynasty from nothing; “My Life as a Zucchini,” directed by Claude Barras and based on the book by Gilles Paris; and Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!”

It’s a good day for studio news. Sony Classics has set release dates for four upcoming films, including Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern’s adaptation of Patrick Ness’ book “The Son.” The graphic novel-turned-feature will hit theaters on March 3rd, 2019.  On the same day, Sony also releases John Turturro’s “She Kills Monsters,” as well as new films starring Tom Holland (“Spider-Man: Far From Home”) and Jerrod Carmichael (“Splitting Up Together”).

Introduction to The Son

A boy, born unto a doting mother and absent father, who flourishes despite the lack. Whilst growing into a spirited but socially awkward young man, he questions his place in the world and discovers an unlikely ally in his mother’s new partner. His emotional journey to find himself is told with humor, poignancy, and sometimes rage.

This is a movie about how The Son arrives at two conclusions: (1) that he does not have to carry on the burden of his father’s legacy; and (2) that nobody can take from him what he will not give up himself.


Character names in The Son

Eli McCullough
Eli McCullough
Prairie Flower
Maria Garcia
Pete McCullough
Niles Gilbert
Sally McCullough
Jeannie McCullough
Phineas McCullough
Kathryn Prescott
Elizabeth Tabish
Charles McCullough
Pedro García
Jonas McCullough
Sean Stone

Story of The Son

The film starts with a mysterious, high-tech phone that is being demonstrated to the viewer and George Tate (Craig T. Nelson) by scientist Professor Norman McCourt (an uncredited Roddy McDowall). It can simulate reality in any situation or event.

The demonstration goes wonderfully until it becomes clear that the demo isn’t real when a man onstage shoots himself with a gun. This act upsets Professor McCourt so much that he cancels the demonstration and walks offstage, where he is shot through his back by an unseen assailant standing in front of him. As one of his last breaths leaves him, he tells George about murder plots against all of them from “the most powerful men on Earth.

Father who documented every minute of his life on film, and son who put the footage into a film called “A Celebration of Life”

A celebration of life: the father who filmed his every moment – and his son who turned it into a movie
Robert Tonner, an experienced documentary filmmaker, is based in Brooklyn, New York. Over 20 years ago, Robert came up with the idea of filming every single one of his day-to-day activities for three months so that he could make a documentary about what it’s like to exist as an older man. And then he waited for the film’s next milestone to happen.


In 2008, after Robert’s death at age 69 from cancer complications, His eldest son Jake decided to publish his dad’s volume “One Day At A Time” as a tribute to his dad.

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