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For “Bloody Horror Violence and Gore,” Halloween Ends is rated “R.”

Halloween Ends

According to the MPAA, “Halloween” is officially rated “R” for “bloody horror violence and gore”, making it one of the few films in history with a rating that takes into account its content. While many people might assume that this has something to do with the violence depicted on-screen, it has a lot more to do with how violent Jamie Lee Curtis’s character Laurie Strode is by the movie’s end.

Introduction to The Halloween Ends

The movie is about a woman named Jane who moves into a new apartment with her husband Kevin and their daughter Lily. They take up residence in a building that harbors a big secret. On the first of October, good or evil becomes clear; this is when all the “happy accidents” happen…

The Halloween Ends is not your typical horror movie. The plot takes place over one night in October and there are some very interesting similarities to real life, such as life-changing decisions, fatherhood, and motherhood. This eerie film is released on October 1st which just so happens to be All Hallow’s Eve (here’s hoping it does not turn into a nightmare for anyone watching) and is suitable for any age group or individual.

Character names in The Halloween Ends

Michael Myers
Laurie Strode
Corey Cunningham
Lindsey Wallace
Officer Hawkins
Deputy Frank Hawkins
Docteur Mathis


Story of The Halloween Ends

Aaron is a contestant in the movie The Halloween Ends with a dream to become an actor. However, after their diagnosis of bipolar disorder and struggles in his personal life, Aaron realizes that while making movies might be one way to make him happy, pursuing them could have potentially dire consequences.

Aaron discusses how learning about one’s mental health can lead to better care for oneself and help find more fulfilling pursuits as well as how he ultimately decided whether or not he wanted to pursue acting as part of his career: “After visiting my doctor for the first time, I realized that I was diagnosed with something called bipolar disorder. Not only am I not suicidal anymore but I’m pretty happy.

The final episode of Halloween gets an R rating due to its graphic bloodshed and gore

Halloween Ends Receives R Rating For Bloody Horror Violence and Gore
Movie director Rob McCallum made a controversial decision to end his movie, Halloween Ends with a violent bloodbath.

The film sparked controversy when it premiered in Los Angeles where the MPAA decided to give it an R rating for its bloody horror violence and gore. “I wanted to make a point that violence these days has become so normalized,” McCallum said. “Action films are typically rated PG-13 or PG if there’s any kind of gunshot wound or even some blood coming out of someone’s mouth.


The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world and stars Rob McCallum, Michelle Johnson, and Allison Mack. Halloween Ends centers on a group of survivors who are trying to fight off cannibalistic mutants that attack them in every corner they turn. The movie is one of many horror films set in post-apocalyptic environments likely inspired by the hit TV series The Walking Dead.

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