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Creator Releases Statement After Announcing Season 3 Of The Physical Series

the physical

People have been wondering where the third season of the TV show “Stranger Things” is and what might happen with our favorite characters. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creators Ross and Matt Duffer have announced that they are currently working on Season 3 of Stranger Things. Along with this announcement, Ross also says that some popular fan theories may come true in this third season as well as more on Eleven’s past. Want to know more about what’s going to happen? Read below!

As for when we can expect Season 3, the Duffer brothers said “We don’t know when it’ll be out… but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed”.

Introduction to The Physical Season 3

The Physical is a web series on Netflix from the creator of Comedy Central’s Broad City. It has been described as “a rambunctious and unpretentious show about five friends. Who work out, sometimes together, and live in Brooklyn.”

This tenth episode of Season 3 is an exciting one! The Physical tackles different body types and sizes with hilarious results. Watch below to see what happens when co-worker Phoebe tries to get her thick thighs into some slim yoga pants – spoiler alert: she gets a little help from Bella.


Bonus points if you find meaning in all the animals that make appearances throughout this episode! You can find this video on YouTube here.

Character names in The Physical Season 3

Della Saba
Lou Taylor Pucci
Dierdre Friel
Geoffrey Arend

Story of The Physical Season 3

It’s been months since Season 2 premiered and we’re overjoyed to know that the wait is finally over. What will happen? How will the game play out? All of these questions were answered in the Season 3 Premiere.

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After being rescued from certain death at the hands of Team Alpha, aka The Pure, Faye turned to Breanna for help as she was struggling to get clean before she succumbed forever.


Breanna helped Faye break her addiction before it was too late. She took her to the farmhouse where Doc lives and allowed her to stay with them for a few days. At the same time, teams were preparing for the game of Season 3.

In another part of town, Bruce and Carolina went after Quay once again. This time they were more prepared and managed to kill him without any more trouble from him.

After their victory over Quay, they went to learn more about The Divine as they seemed to be in charge of protecting the kids who had been experimented on by Dr. Quay.

Apple TV+ Picks Up Season 3 Of “Physical”

Apple has renewed “The Handmaid’s Tale” for a third season on Apple TV+. The show is dystopian and depicts the world in which women are valued only as fertile wombs. The main character is a woman named Offred, who is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. After losing her husband and child in a military strike, she escapes finding herself captured by the commander of the household. “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 2 was released this past April and has been met with praise from critics and fans alike.


Apple TV+ will be premiering original series episodes, as well as internationally adapted shows such as “The Good Doctor,” “Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny,” “Big Fish,” and more.

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