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Box Office: “Bullet Train” Debuts to Just $30.1 Million, While “Easter Sunday” Fails

Easter Sunday

The Box Office: “Bullet Train” Arrives With So-So $30.1 Million Debut, “Easter Sunday” Stumbles

Since the movie’s release in Japan and China two weeks ago, people were eagerly awaiting its arrival in America. However, the film’s American debut has been more modest than expected. On its opening day, it grossed slightly more than $7 million with a domestic total of about $30 million so far for the weekend.

Introduction to The Easter Sunday

Every year around this time of year, many people host elaborate meals which are specifically designed for different holidays such as Easter or Thanksgiving. These meals can be elaborate with decorations, guests, gifts, and even songs. They are a very important part of many American Holidays.

The Easter Sunday movie is based on a store located in New Jersey called “The Paradise” which is known for its elaborate Easter dinner every year. It was founded by two brothers many years before the movie began and it is run by the family to this day. The Paradise was started when Joe Carlino Sr. picked up a fryolator for $50 to start his business and sold chicken to drivers who were passing through town at the time (Vaughn-Wolfe, 1989).


Character names in The Easter Sunday

Jo Koy as Joe Valencia
Brandon Wardell as Junior Valencia
Lydia Gaston as Susan
Eugene Cordero as Eugene

Story of The Easter Sunday

The Easter Sunday movie tells the story of a family who just cannot find peace on that particular day as they are constantly plagued by tragedy after tragedy.

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The story revolves around Easter Sunday in which the protagonist’s father died and she had to take care of her five younger siblings. It chronicles their struggles and the role Christmas plays in their lives. The Easter Sunday movie vividly draws a picture of a family’s life, pain, and struggle with faith, highlighting that it is never too late to change for the better.

Today, Where Can I Freely Stream “Easter Sunday” Online? Options In What Way

On the first day of spring, people often go out for picnics and get dressed up in their best clothes. I laughed at the quote “Mary wanted to win the lottery” and how it is often referred to as a gambling holiday but there are many who call it a miracle.


The movie “Easter Sunday” is about this miracle but also about faith in Christ. Maggie’s husband and 4-year-old son, Mark, don’t believe that they can rely on God’s goodness to provide for them and they become resentful and angry at every turn. Life can seem especially hard during these times but with faith, we can have hope in God’s goodness.

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