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A New Sequel to the Classic Children’s Film Railway Children Is Finally Here, and Its Trailer Is Here

Railway Children

The original book and film were based on a true story about two young girls who lived in Victorian England and became orphans. The sequel is set in the present day and is told from the point of view of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as they contend with the cruel reality that their family’s history has been largely forgotten. For those who haven’t seen or read the first book or movie, “Railway Children”, you won’t miss much by not reading this post! However, if you’ve done so before and remember it fondly, this is still an interesting article that presents an expanded look at one family’s story told through the generations.

Introduction of The Railway Children

The Railway Children movie is based on the book of the same name written by E. Nesbit. The movie was released in 1970 and is a classic family film enjoyed by many generations now following its release. After the father, Colonel Creighton, dies leaving his three young children with little money and no home, they move to live at a country house near the railway station from where their mother once took them to visit their grandparents as well as other relatives every summer.

The Railway Children is known for being a true classic family film. Rather than a story about the children themselves, and their struggle to support themselves and get by at the station during the Great Depression, the focus of The Railway Children is more on their struggle to live with each other and their bond with their deceased father Colonel Creighton. Moreover, the children struggle to understand and deal with difficult situations that influence them. These situations are interwoven in a lively storyline that can teach children valuable life lessons (for example, being honest with others while being self-sufficient) without putting too much emphasis on economic hardships or deprivation during this period (when it was often difficult to find decent jobs and shelter).

Names of the characters in The Railway Children

Sally Thomsett
Jenny Agutter
Bernard Cribbins
William Mervyn
Dinah Sheridan
Iain Cuthbertson
Debbie Davies
Gary Warren
Brenda Cowling
Paddy Ward
David Lodge
Beatrix Mackey


Story of The Railway Children

The Railway Children tells the story of three English children and their adventures during the early part of World War II. Edwardian railwayman, Mr. Perks, gave his cottage in England to his three children and their mother as a Christmas present just before he went off to war. When he is reported killed in action, his mother decides that the only way for them to live is by going on the road as a traveling family of musicians playing violins and accordions.

When they leave, they take along their gardener, Mr. Brownlow, who is left in charge of their home. In the American version of the story by Jean Webster, different actors played Edwardian characters (Mr. Perks was played by Sterling Hayden and Ellen Corby as his wife), and the three children became orphans instead of being adopted by a family at the end.

British actor Bernard Cribbins, known for his roles in such films as “The Railway Children” and “The Wombles,” has passed away at the age of 93

According to reports, Cribbins died on Wednesday night at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, East Sussex near his home of Worthing after a short illness. His breakthrough came when he had the lead role on radio’s “The Clitheroe Kid. Immediately following the war, he was cast in several number of iconic British children’s TV series, and his fame quickly spread. He appeared alongside star actors such as Laurence Olivier. John Mills and even Peter Ustinov in “The Blob” and James Stewart, Jack Hawkins, and Lee MacLaren in “The Railway Children.” He was also the voice of many well-loved characters like the Wombles, Elsie the Cow, and Harry Hill’s eccentric game show host.

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