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Watch the First Scene from Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ on Netflix!

Mr. Harrigan's Phone

It stars John Hodgman as a reclusive man who has recently brought a new phone into his life and happens to be the first person to discover that something is wrong with it. This provides the show with exciting opportunities for suspense, mystery, and comedic moments. Scott Free, another horror movie based on a Stephen King story, also garnered praise for its sinister plotline about an evil phone that kills its owner.

Introduction to The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

In the movie, Mr. Harrigan needs a phone to call for help. His daughter’s friend has a phone, but Harrigan can’t remember her number and refuses to look it up. Harrigan needs to find the phone. In this film, Harrigan stumbles upon a mysterious device that he uses to get through the obstacle course of numbers and people names in his daughter’s friend’s phone book. The device knows who he is and helps him figure out the number.

Characters of The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

Kirby Howell-Baptiste
Donald Sutherland
Alexa Niziak
Thalia Torio
Colin O’Brien
Jaeden Martell
Iván Amaro Bullón
Cyrus Arnold

Story of The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

In the story, a businessman is given an old phone and is told to keep it for as long as he wants, but when he receives a new one he changes his mind about the old phone. The film was shot on location in London and stars Joe Bickerstaff, who played Mr. Harrigan. The film was written and directed by Matthew Argo, who had previously worked on “Granada Breeze”. It has also been listed on the IMDB website, where it currently holds a rating of 6.1/10 based on six reviews. A link to it is available from Mr. Harrigan’s Phone website as well as YouTube.


Netflix’s ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Adaptation Gets a Call From Stephen King

No King has yet to create a novel so terrifying that it couldn’t be adapted for screen time. Stephen King has been the most recent novelist to have his novel adapted for television, but his piece on Netflix was not what fans were expecting. “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone”, as its title implies, is about a phone that can make people do anything. The short story is quite short and only spans 7 pages, which makes the adaptation difficult if it were to remain in true form. Netflix had no choice but to adapt it and make the show more than just 7 minutes long.

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