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The Third Anime Season of “One-Punch Man”

One Punch Man

All you need is a single punch! One-Punch Man Season 3, is an anime series by Madhouse and directed by Shingo Natsume. The third season of the One-Punch Man series will bring some new stories as well! In this article, I’ll be recapping the first 22 episodes of season three in my traditional review format. Along with a brief synopsis and what to expect from this upcoming new episode list, I’ll also share some tidbits with you that you may have missed watching the previous seasons of the anime.

Introduction of The One Punch Man

He only knows how to use one technique – a powerful punch! One-Pun Man is just an average office worker who feels like his life is not worth living. After seeing the brutal video footage of a fight between two men, he gets involved and decides that he wants to become the most powerful person in the world. With help from Saitama, he sets off to achieve this goal but also starts to see some changes in himself. One Punch Man Season is an animated series of Japanese origin that airs on Adult Swim in North America, created by ONE and illustrated by Yūsuke Murata. The anime tells the story of Saitama, a young man who becomes bored with his everyday life looking for new challenges until he decides to become a hero. At first, he defeats every enemy with just one punch yet soon he realizes that it is more difficult than it seems to be and so he trains himself to fight against stronger enemies as well as some other threats.

Names of the characters in The One Punch Man

Makoto Furukawa
Robbie Daymond
Max Mittelman
Erik Scott Kimerer
Kirk Thornton
Kyle Hebert
Kaito Ishikawa
Ray Chase
Zach Aguilar
Chris Cason
Marieve Herington
Marc Diraison
Mamoru Miyano
Aoi Yuki
Yuichi Nakamura
Saori Hayami

Story of The One Punch Man

The One Punch Man is an action-packed, comedic, and somewhat dark manga about a heroic hero named Saitama. He is bald and has no sideburns and clothing that covers the entirety of his body. He lacks any extraordinary abilities but he is so overpowered that with just one punch he defeats anything in his path. The protagonist, who is most popular for being too strong for most other heroes in Marvel or DC to handle on their own, also introduces another character named Genos who believes he will overtake Hero King Saitama’s title as the strongest man alive with 12 hours left until midnight.


Which Studio Will Produce Season 3 of “One-Punch Man?”

One-Punch Man has become such a popular franchise in recent years, it’s not even questionable that there would be a Season 3. But what are the chances of another studio taking over production?

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season, including who will take charge of production!

One-Punch Man has taken over the world with its unique style and storytelling which is carried by its main protagonist, Saitama. With no weaknesses and an unbeatable power, Saitama has become immensely popular with fans both new and old. Now it looks like we’ll see what happens in Season 3!

So, what do you think about The One Punch Man?


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