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The Spider and the Fly, a Review of “Out of the Blue”

out of the blue

If you’re a fan of creepy-crawly things, then this is the book for you. “Out of the Blue” is a book all about spiders and how they live, how hunt, and how evolve. This gripping tale reveals that spiders are beautiful creatures with amazing capabilities to adapt to their environment, which includes us, humans. Spider expert Catherine Spaulding has drawn on her many years of experience researching these fascinating animals to pen this short but detailed biography of the spider kingdom. She makes it clear that there is no such thing as an ugly or even harmless spider; every single one can be dangerous if provoked and she provides chilling evidence from her research work in Australia, Africa, and North America.

Introduction of The Out of the Blue

“The Out of the Blue” is a powerful and emotional documentary about the traumatic effects of mental illness on a family. Narrated by Academy Award nominee Diane Keaton, this is the story of an intensely personal journey in which an understanding mother, who has spent her life caring for her mentally-challenged son, learns to let go. “Out of the Blue” takes viewers into this world — following all three members of this family as they try to find their way back to each other and break free from their struggles with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and addiction.

Names of the characters in The Out of the Blue

Linda Manz
Dennis Hopper
Sharon Farrell
Don Gordon
Raymond Burr
Fiona Brody
David L. Crowley
Joan Hoffman
Carl Nelson
Francis Ann Pettit
Glen Pfeifer
David Ackridge
Jim Byrnes
Glen Fyfe
Louis Gentile
Murdine Hirsch
John Anderson

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Story of The Out of the Blue

A young couple found a disk in their attic. The disk was unusual with black and white photographs and sounds described by the woman as “melancholy”. She slowly begins to piece together the clues about their family secrets until she is left with one question: Where is her husband?


George Bessudo and his bride, Gina Marino, move into their new house. George is a writer and is working on his first novel. He was inspired by an old family story to write it. His grandfather had the original manuscript in his possession until the night of the fire which killed him and several others. The novel was never finished. This same event involves George’s mother, who was later institutionalized for her safety after she goes into a coma-like state. George has always wondered what happened to his father and grandfather that night.

Reviews of The Out of the Blue

The movie’s reviews are positive and have accumulated a rating of 6.7/10 on “The film was successful in the box office, grossing more than $6 million.” (“Out Of The Blue Reviews”) An article published by “LA Times” discussed the critical review for the movie which stated: “For all of its creepy glimpses behind the curtain into something that defies rational explanation, Out Of The Blue is an interesting but uneven film.” (“Out Of The Blue Movie Review”)

So, what do you think about The Out of the Blue?

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