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The new BBC docuseries “Home to Roost” marks the return of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne to television

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

The Osbourne family is back in a big way. Ozzy, Sharon, and their three children – Aimee, Kelly, and Jack – are returning to television in a new BBC documentary series called Home To Roost. Sometimes it feels like we can’t escape their bizarre fame, with the family populating our screens on CBBC’s The Jack and Kelly Show (Kelly is now 13 years old) or Ozzy himself appearing on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…. Get Me Out Of Here! or Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model (he was a judge).

Introduction to The Home to Roost

Theatrical release of the independent sci-fi horror film, “Home to Roost”, on 19 April 1985. The movie is directed by Chris van den Berg and stars Lindsay Doran as the protagonist, Racheal. “Home to Roost,” tells the story of a woman who has been living in an underground bunker for years following an apocalyptic collapse of society. Also, with surviving humans finding refuge in these bunkers. The protagonist is forced to venture outside when her long-lived brother dies. Likewise, only to find that humanity still exists and she must decide whether or not she can trust it again after so many years of isolation.

Characters of The Home to Roost

John Thaw
Reece Dinsdale
Elizabeth Bennett
Joan Blackham
Rebecca Lacey
John Bird
Ian Tucker
Doug Fisher
Sherrie Hewson
Tyler Butterworth
Jill Gascoine
Rachel Bell
Nigel Leach
Ray Winstone
Alfred Burke
Tony Caunter
Sheila Hancock
Milton Johns

Story of The Home to Roost

The Home to Roost movie tells the story of a struggling housewife, Cathy (played by Jennifer Hudson), and her husband, Kenneth (played by Richard Pryor, Jr.). Also, who are barely scraping by in Chicago. They are struggling to make ends meet on Ken’s meager salary as a postman and Cathy’s part-time job at a grocery store. For years they have been living with the strain of making their monthly mortgage payments. But it becomes more difficult every year as the world changes economically. Their daughter Karen joins them after she graduates from college but feels squeezed out because she can’t find work on her own and is too embarrassed to live in their small one-bedroom apartment while they struggle financially.


Home to Roost, a new reality show starring Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, has been announced

In an exclusive announcement today, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon have officially announced the production of a new reality TV show. The show is titled ‘Home to Roost’ and will air on the brand new network called Reelz, which is making its US debut in October 2016. Along with the announcement came some photos of cast members who will be seen on future episodes of Home to Roost.

Ozzy Osbourne was quoted as saying “Reality TV has always been my passion,” and he looks forward to taking part in this project as well as continuing his other TV series with Discovery Family Channel that airs next month, ‘Mysteries at the Museum.

So, what do think about The Home to Roost?

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