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Be a Christian and honk your horn. Protect Yourself from Losing Your Soul. a negative review of a megachurch parody

the hunk of jesus

The best part about this movie is that it’s not preachy. It does present religion and spirituality in an interesting light that’s unique for Christian films, but not too much so that you don’t get confused or anything by it. For that reason, I stand by my use of the word “satire.” I am not trying to say this movie is mocking Christianity, but that it is mocking the story and plotline of the movie that’s presenting itself as a Christian film. My favorite thing about this movie is Mark Kelly, who plays God in the film. He does a masterful job at being God in all his glory and all his petty human flaws. The amount of wit he brings to the role, both verbally and through physicality, is delightful. This might just be my favorite thing about any movie he’s ever been in (taking into account his many roles throughout many movies).

Introduction to The Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul


No religion on earth has not been impacted by the voice of The Honk For Jesus. Even those who are of different faith can appreciate the beauty and power behind this sound. But what is The Honk For Jesus and how does it play into your life?

We’re going to help you get started with our brief introduction :). There are a ton of different ways in which your life will be enriched by knowing The Honk For Jesus, but we’ll focus on how it pertains to you today — specifically, how it can save your soul.


Characters of The Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul

Sterling K. Brown
Regina Hall
Nicole Beharie
Olivia D. Dawson
Greta Glenn
Mike Dyl Anthony
Austin Crute
Dhane Ross
Jerome Beazer
Selah Kimbro Jones
Andrea Laing

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Story of The Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul

The Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul is a true story about the rise and fall of an evangelical Christian rock band that has been called “the most spectacular religious fraud in modern American history. They were successful beyond their wildest dreams when they aroused media interest by playing outside of churches on Sundays or driving down Hollywood Boulevard with a six-foot tall plastic statue of Jesus on their roof.

The Best Spots to Stream “Honk for Jesus” Redeem Yourself in Cyberspace


Whether it’s the sound of a horn in the distance, a honky tonk tune on the radio, or an overeager driver who pulls up to tell you about Jesus, religion has no shortage of means to get its message across. This is true whether you’re secular or religious. But most people think that religious people are unfairly advantaged when it comes to spreading their faith because they occupy a lot more space in society than secular folks do. You see, people who don’t believe in God are often made to feel like they’re not part of the community that surrounds them because of the attention given to their religions.


It can be a painful sensation, and it’s often unjustly borne by seculars. Lots of atheists don’t want to discuss their ideas with other people because they don’t want anyone to know that they don’t believe in God — if they do, they’ll be teased or asked unwelcome questions at parties. But some atheists welcome the conversation and happily talk about why God doesn’t exist with others.

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So, what do think about The Honk For Jesus? Save Your Soul?

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