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Photos from Jesse Lee Soffer’s final episodes of Chicago PD have been released by NBC

Chicago pd

According to the show’s official Instagram account, “It’s a wrap for our favorite Chicago District. Thank you to all the fans, and let’s take another ride on that train. Until then, catch up on our final episodes streaming now on NBC.” The Chicago District will be wrapping for good when its upcoming sixth season premieres on 8 January 2014 according to NBC News. The series has been on the air since 2014 and has run for a total of five seasons. Though it’s been a popular show to watch, creator Dick Wolf said that the decision was made because of its low ratings this season. “We’re very proud of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med and all of their dedicated cast and crews,” said NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke. “From day one, they have consistently delivered compelling, resonant dramas that have attracted loyal audiences and critical acclaim.”

Introduction to The Chicago P.D


The police drama television series “Chicago P.D.” is a highly successful American crime and police procedural drama, created and primarily written by Dick Wolf. “Chicago P.D.” follows the lives of the police officers and detectives working in Chicago’s 1st Precinct. Also, they fight crime in the city’s Old Town neighborhood, especially organized crime and political corruption within the Windy City Police Department. It has been described as “a mix between “The Wire” and “Law & Order” for America’s third-largest city.

Characters of The Chicago P.D



Jesse Lee Soffer
Jason Beghe
Sophia Bush
Marina Squerciati
Patrick Flueger
Elias Koteas
Jon Seda
LaRoyce Hawkins
Lisseth Chavez
Amy Morton
Taylor Kinney
Monica Barb

Story of The Chicago P.D

The series is a crime drama television show that focuses on the Chicago Police Department. It comprises the first five seasons of the NBC show, a follow-up series airing on CTV called Law & Order: CI, and to date, two full seasons of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In total, there have been one hundred and fifty-three episodes filmed for this franchise. The story follows an experienced detective who was recently promoted to lieutenant and tasked with running day-to-day operations at the 12 Division. Also, a pilot episode that aired on NBC where premiered with positive reviews and ratings.

The New One Chicago Episodes Have Arrived, and They Have Us On The Edge Of Our Seats


A new episode of One Chicago is out, and we’ve had the pleasure of watching it. It’s a “first look” at what you can expect to see this season on the NBC series, and it shows off some major changes. While visiting the set for our cover story, we ran into Isaac Asimov himself. In honor of Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary premiere on Saturday, we got his thoughts on what makes a good show that celebrates science-fiction – and why he thinks sci-fi fans will love One Chicago.


The first episode of One Chicago that we saw was surprisingly down-to-earth. Yes, there were aliens, but most of the episode involved the cast arguing about a soccer game and about what to get for their kids for Christmas. These scenes felt lifted from any other police procedural, with the only strangeness being that everyone spoke Romanian. Just as Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) is wishing out loud that aliens would do something newsworthy and exciting, Dr. David Lurie (David Strathairn) jumps out in front of a car on Michigan Avenue.

So, what do think about The Chicago P.D?

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