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Noah Baumbach’s “White Noise” Scores Big in Venice

The White Noise

Noah Baumbach has always been a writer first, which is why his films are often so articulate and intellectually dense. “White Noise” was his latest work and it debuted in Venice last week. With a shining score by Patrick Jonsson, the film explores life in New York City with wit, humor, insight, and intelligence. The article will focus on how Noah Baumbach elegantly weaves music into the film to reflect the mood in any given scene.

Introduction to The White Noise


The movie follows a man who is haunted by his past. After witnessing domestic abuse as a child he became obsessed with sound and eventually learned how to make contact with the dead utilizing audio equipment. When a job on an estate goes wrong he has to work his way out of trouble or risk being trapped there forever. The movie delves into the power of sound as a creative tool and as a distraction. The cinematography is excellent, in particular the use of echoing sounds and of distorted sound waves.

Watching it may disrupt your sleep – but that’s a small price to pay for this great movie, which questions the borders between science, art, and technology. The storyline reminded me of Vertigo and Blow Up – classic movies about people obsessed with pictures. Read on for more details about who doesn’t get out alive in this suspense thriller. The movie is based on the book by Don DeLillo. This writer’s work often centers around strange men whose obsessions end up destroying them.


Characters of The White Noise

Jack Gladney
Murray Jay Siskind
Babette Gladney
Denise Pardee
Heinrich Savory

Story of The White Noise

The film is a story that takes place in the present day and focuses on the protagonist, Alex Bramford, and his life of being surrounded by white noise. The movie starts with an interesting concept but fails to provide any real narrative tension as it progresses. After watching the first two movies of the series, viewers begin to ask themselves where the third movie went wrong when they realize that it has only become more bizarre. The first two films in this series maintained an engaging plot, but the third movie, The White Noise: The Light, has no such luxury. However, despite the lack of a good story, there are several redeeming qualities to this movie.

The acting in the film is on par with that of the other films in the series, but there is not much room for acting when dialogue takes a back seat to sound and visual effects. As always, one can expect great special effects from this movie, with several scenes that will certainly shock viewers. The sound effects are consistently epic and never fail to add tension or comedy to each scene.

‘White Noise,’ directed by Noah Baumbach, is a Spielbergian spectacle



Noah Baumbach is an accomplished filmmaker, but he’s never felt a need to make an epic. His three previous features, “Kicking and Screaming,” “The Squid and the Whale,” and “Margot at the Wedding,” are all intimate portraits of families in crisis. With his fourth film, Baumbach has finally unleashed himself on a grand scale: “White Noise” is so Spielbergian that it could easily be mistaken for one of those movies Steven saw in his magic movie theater as a child. Baumbach, who has worked with both brothers, including writing a script for “Schindler’s List” that was ripped off by the director of “Amistad,” turns the camera on himself here, shooting a cataclysmic thriller from his perspective.

Using first-person narration to share the storyline with us, Baumbach tells us about an encounter he had with an aerobics instructor and devotee of Bernarr Macfadden. She becomes obsessed with Noah, not knowing there is anything beyond him but wanting to find out. She goes after him and uses guilt to convince him to take her along on a tour of New York City.

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