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New ‘Bones And All’ Clip Features a Bare Timothee Chalamet

The Bones And All

Timothee Chalamet is giving the world a look at his most recent project, ‘Bones & All,’ a sexy noir thriller. The clip is the first of three social media teasers released by Netflix for their upcoming series. In the video, Chalamet is seen walking down an alley when he sees something on the ground that looks like plastic. He bends to pick it up as one woman approaches him from behind and asks what he found before she knocks him out with a porcelain vase and flees with her accomplice.

Introduction to The Bones And All

The Bones and All movie is one of the most unusual movies I have ever seen. It certainly left me with questions that I wasn’t expecting; questions that it is still hard to answer. But there’s no denying, that The Bones and All movie made an impression on me which was not ordinary.

The film follows three characters, Nick Balian, a two-time Iraq War veteran who has been diagnosed with PTSD and begins to care for his elderly mother; Sophie Okazaki, a Japanese-American artist who is struggling with her art after the death of her daughter; and Svetlana Moskalets, a Ukrainian immigrant living in New York who must grapple with the struggles of assimilation into American society.

Characters of The Bones And All

Timothée Chalamet
Michael Stuhlbarg
Chloë Sevigny
Mark Rylance
Taylor Russell
David Gordon Green
Jessica Harper
André Holland
Francesca Scorsese
Anna Cobb
Johanna McGinley
Max Soliz
Kendle Coffey
Madeleine Hall
Karen Olchovy
Ellie Parker
Pete Law


Story of The Bones And All

In the film “The Bones of All”, a young man, Nick (played by Adam McDowell), is released from prison after serving 20 years in the state penitentiary. It’s been four years since his release and Nick is still struggling to adjust to life outside prison. He’s just starting over, attempting to break into a world he thinks he knows but doesn’t. At night, he works at his uncle’s meat packing plant which has been shut down for about two years now. Arriving home one night, he meets up with his uncle who says that there was just a break-in at their house and they found some bones scattered around the backyard.

Producer Park of “Bones and All” Uses Unconventional Methods to Select Films

Park Jin-young, commonly known as JYP, might be one of the most successful songwriters in Korea. He founded the record label JYP Entertainment and is behind acts such as Rain, Got7, and Twice.

Unfortunately for many of his fans, he is also a producer who wants to make dramas in which “bodies get all messed up” – a very small percentage of what Korean TV has to offer. He recently sat down with The Korea Herald during his visit to Seoul for the Cannes Film Festival where he was awarded an honor at the Midem awards ceremony in France. JYP said he has six projects in the pipeline, but all of them are offbeat dramas, meaning they will not be popular with viewers or advertisers.

“There was another one about a guy who can talk to plants, and there’s another one about how energy affects our lives.”


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