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The release date for AppleTV+ has been set for Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming film, Causeway


Jennifer Lawrence’s new film, “Mother!,” is set to debut on September 15th. The film was originally distributed entirely through iTunes and will debut on AppleTV+ for the first time at that time.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it follows a character named who begins in her hometown, flies to Scotland to meet her husband, and starts buying old houses as soon as she arrives. These old houses come with alluring secrets that slowly unravel during their journey back home. This is not Jennifer Lawrence’s first film-we did see her in “Passengers” last year but it is her first work through AppleTV+.

Introduction to The Causeway

This is an introduction to the Causeway movie. The Causeway is a short film based on a three-year walk across Ireland that took place in the early 1990s. The film itself focuses mainly on Northern Ireland and all of the wonderful things that it has to offer, as well as pointing out some of its faults and obstacles. It’s a documentary, but not like many you’ve seen before; it’s much more personal, raw and happy with lots of humor thrown in now and then!

The Causeway won the best music and the best cinematography awards at the 1999 New York Irish Film and Television Festival. It has also been on several cinema screens throughout Ireland and the United States, including New York’s prestigious Lincoln Center. The film was also viewed by a large audience at the Newbridge-Kilcock International Film Festival.


Names of the characters in The Causeway

Jennifer Lawrence
Brian Tyree Henry
Jayne Houdyshell
Stephen McKinley Henderson
Linda Emond
Russell Harvard
Neal Huff
Will Pullen
Jaylen Moore
Donald Paul
Clyde Risley Jones
Samuel H. Levine
Timothy Carr
Han Soto
Charles Barber
Dean Denton
Rebecca Chulew

Story of The Causeway

The film gives a brief account of Laudable’s work in Ireland, and how his death caused the burning of what is now known as the Causeway. The Irish famine caused a lot of pain and suffering but was mainly attributed to people not being able to grow enough crops to feed themselves. People then turned to eat human flesh, mostly from children and babies. This led to a mass migration from rural areas into Dublin city center, which became overcrowded with over 100 thousand people living in squalid conditions that were barely better than tenement houses for humans. People were becoming sick and dying of disease at a higher rate than ever before, and people slowly started to become not as worried about their morals as they once did. Also, to replace the barge traffic that was becoming clogged with bodies and decaying human parts causing a significant health hazard for people living along the river. The barge traffic also caused a lot of congestion during the construction of The Liffey Quays.

Taylor Swift’s film, All Too Well, will have its world premiere at TIFF

Taylor Swift is set to attend the Toronto International Film Festival for the screening of her documentary film, “All Too Well.” ‘I have some news, guys. It’s very exciting, I have been invited to attend the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and I will be attending because I am going to be screening my film ‘All Too Well,’ which is going to be so fun and amazing! So if you happen to live in Toronto or are planning a trip soon… come say hi,’ she said.

So, what do think about The Causeway?


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