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Hotel For The Holidays Is Amazon Freevee’s First Christmas Original

hotel for the holidays

The Amazon Freevee service is offering the first-ever original holiday programming from the successful streaming series, Hotel Transylvania. The program consists of six episodes featuring seven new stories and a total of 18 hours of content for kids aged three to 11. Developed by both Amazon Freevee and Sony Animation. The series features the voice talent of Adam Sandler as Dracula, Selena Gomez as Mavis, Andy Samberg as Jonathan, Kevin James as Wayne, Fran Drescher as Eunice the receptionist, and Steve Buscemi as Murray the Mummy. Girl Meets World stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are also featured in guest roles.

Introduction of The Hotel for the Holidays

Called “The Hotel for the Holidays”, it’s directed by Carey Yost (Friday the 13th) and has a cast that includes Sarah Hyland, Molly Ringwald, Christina Milian, and Brett Gelman. It’s a holiday-themed horror film about four friends who go to stay at a hotel called The Merryweather after losing their jobs. It quickly turns into a nightmare when they find out that the hotel is haunted by some of its former guests that have been killed by an evil double agent during World War II.

Names of the characters in The Hotel for the Holidays

Madelaine Petsch
Mena Massoud
Jayne Eastwood
Max Lloyd-Jones
Neil Crone
Kayleigh Shikanai
Jamison Belushi
Catherine Saindon
Aldrin Bundoc
Gabriel Davenport
Ryan Anthony Mauro
Augusto Bitter
Mac Dale

Story of The Hotel for the Holidays

A family of four, which includes a husband and wife, a daughter, and her boyfriend, is looking for a place to spend the holidays. The parents found in an old brochure of The Hotel For The Holidays that there is still room available for them. They head out to have a look at it on the day before Christmas Eve but when they arrive at night everything appears to shut down and dark. As time goes on their car starts breaking down and it’s clear that something isn’t right about this hotel for the holidays…


A day when everybody in the family is ready to spend the holiday season at The Hotel for the Holidays. As they arrive home they find out that the hotel doesn’t look anything like it did before. The scenery has changed completely and now there are Christmas trees and decorations on every corner. In addition, although it’s just going on midnight, most people in town have already gone to bed and there doesn’t seem to be any personnel left in the hotel at all. After asking around a bit they take note of a strange suitcase in the parking lot of their apartment building but before anything else could happen, everything seems to shut off and disappear from their view.

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Amazon Freevid Gets Its Hands on the Season’s First Original Movie

Howzit? Amazon has announced that they’ve secured their first original holiday film, Freevee. Exploring the pitfalls and challenges of dealing with US immigration laws, Freevee is a tale of heartbreak and hope that marks the first time Amazon Studios will release a Christmas movie. In Free, the American dream is in jeopardy when ruthless government agents put a family “on ice” and take away their freedom to be with one another during this time of year. But this story has an unexpected twist: A lonely foreigner becomes an unlikely hero and helps them reunite by giving them something he had always wanted—a taste of home for Christmas.

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