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Evaluation and synopsis of the film The Patient (2022)

The Patient

The Patient is a story about the love between Dr. Will Fitzgerald, an accomplished and dedicated surgeon, and his wife Joan, who supports him despite the long hours he must keep away from home. The story opens with a voiceover of Dr. Fitzgerald discussing the “patient inside us all” as he discusses surgery’s impact on the patient’s heart and mind during their recuperation. We then see him arrive home after an 18-hour shift to find police cars outside his home; when he enters, he finds Joan lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

Introduction to The Patient

When you watch the film “The Patient”, there is one scene in particular that will leave an impact on you long after it’s over. This scene is where health care workers confront a doctor with accusations of negligence, and they are subsequently fired. In the movie, their decision to file a complaint with the state medical board led to a conviction of malpractice and fifteen years in prison.

This, however, was not all that happened after this fateful meeting which took place thirty-five years ago. Indeed, this decision not only cost them their career but much more dearly as they suffered from guilt and depression as well as lost their families due to personal conflicts.

Names of the characters in The Patient

Ralph Fiennes
Willem Dafoe
Colin Firth
Kristin Scott Thomas
Juliette Binoche
Naveen Andrew


Story of The Patient

Every year, a horror movie is released that grips the country in terror. This year, the movie of choice was “The Patient”. The Patient is about a doctor who begins murdering people after discovering one of his patients is still alive – even though he is believed to have killed them.

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This article will explore how this classic horror movie captures fear and suspense, as well as detail how it makes us question what we see on screen.

The Patient is a story of a doctor who was suffering from severe depression after killing one of his terminally ill patients through surgery. Every night, he took a sleeping pill and alcohol to calm his nerves, hoping this would make him forget about the tragedy but every morning he woke up feeling as if nothing had changed. One night, however, he woke up in shock – the man’s heart monitor had signaled again to back life! The doctor found the man and tried to revive him with CPR outside the ICU but failed. After getting back into his room, exhausted from trying to resuscitate him, the doctor immediately called for help.

Where Can I Find Steve Carell’s Series The Patient Online?

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