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Episode 5 Recap and Ending Analysis of “Five Days at Memorial”

Five days at memorial

In this last episode of Five Days at Memorial, we are allowed to finally see what is under that big white tarp in the backyard. In a different sense, we come to understand what it means when they use the phrase “tarp”. The finale is more of a postscript than anything else. We get to see what happened with that poor dog and then finally learn who was living in Ethel’s attic- from watching the trailer for Five Days at Memorial Season 2. This blog post has been about answering questions for you about all episodes and future events as well.

Introduction to The Five Days at Memorial


In the first episode of The Five Days at Memorial, “Separating Fact from Fiction,” FRONTLINE examines how the hospital came to be “ground zero” in America’s ongoing debate over end-of-life care and whether health providers should have the right to refuse care for terminally ill patients. Explore this show and read about what the director said about it. Learn more about what’s coming up in the second episode, “Forever Young.” FRONTLINE returns with three gripping new documentaries exploring life and death decisions in America’s hospitals.

Names of the characters in The Five Days at Memorial



Vera Farmiga
Cherry Jones
Cornelius Smith Jr.
Robert Pine
Adepero Oduye
Julie Ann Emery
Michael Gaston
Molly Hager
Stephen Bogaert
Sharron Matthews
Damon Standifer
Sarah Allen
W. Earl Brown
Jeremiah Oh
Tammy Isbell
Katie Boland
Darrin Baker
Diane Johnstone

Story of The Five Days at Memorial

This is a 5-day podcast that tells the story of how Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas handled the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It’s an easy listening and engaging story that provides somber insight into how people respond to tragedy. A lot of this episode is about suffering and coping with loss. It also highlights how much the human body can do to survive devastating situations. That said, it has a happy ending! There are even some hilarious moments mixed in, so don’t get too down while you’re listening!

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Did you watch it? What were your thoughts about it?


It’s a big question mark for a lot of people if they will like this show. Will there be any different feeling after the finale episode airs? “The final episode” is supposed to air this evening. Make sure you give our blog post a read before watching the finale.


It might give you some clues or some things that might happen in the last few minutes of this show. Some of the critics didn’t like the show because of some stuff from before the finale even comes out. They said that it’s hard to pinpoint what it is that is so wrong about “The Five Days at Memorial”, but their claims are logical. This is a show with mystery, drama, and history mixed with fiction. It’s hard to always keep your fingers and eyes on the script for the entire duration of this drama because there will be a lot happening in each episode, but it’s not impossible to keep up with what was going on in this show.

So, what do you think about The Five Days at Memorial?

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