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The Upcoming Film ‘The Exorcist Reboot’ Unexpectedly Halts Production

The Upcoming Film ‘The Exorcist Reboot’ Unexpectedly Halts Production

The upcoming horror film The Exorcist Reboot is set for release in October 2023, this brand new sequel to The Exorcist will pave the way for a planned trilogy by Universal, Blumhouse, and Morgan Creek that will exploit three different genres. David Gordon Green is set to direct the first film in the trilogy which will be released theatrically on October 13th of that year. Pre-production began recently on the film, but now it’s being reported that the production has suddenly halted. Crew members have been told to take a break for the holidays and production will not start up again until January. This unexpected delay may affect Blum house’s schedule for releasing its slate of films starting in October 2023. What caused this issue is unknown at this time, but it was unexpected enough that crew members were notified about it. One employee told Deadline, “It was very sudden.” It’s unclear as of right now if anyone has been let go from their position as a result of this pause or if they’ve simply just been given time off for the holidays.

Who is in the cast?

  • Ellen Burstyn as Chris MacNeil
  • Ann Dowd as
  • Leslie Odom Jr. 
  • Rory Gross as Tyler
  • Nick Benas as Neighbor
  • Nigel Barto as Nurse
  • Amanda Beth as Nurse
  • Heather Kantor as Receptionist

Release Date:

Currently, the film is in production so no confirmation about its release date but an expected date has been announced which is on October 13, 2023.

What is the film about? 

The film is set to continue the story of Regan, who was portrayed by Linda Blair in the original film. She’s grown up and is now living with a foster family in Washington DC. It follows her as she begins to believe that she might be suffering from the same “demonic possession” as she did years ago. The two priests from the original film, played by Max von Sydow and Jason Miller, will return to help her deal with this issue. This can be interpreted as a modern-day story, or it could be viewed as a prequel set before the events of the first movie where Regan was still struggling with what happened to her and dealing with her new abilities and gifts.

What fans are expecting from the film? 

It’s hard to say what fans are hoping for from this movie. The original was directed by William Friedkin, who is set to produce the reboot/sequel. The original movie went on to become a massive success and also won Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1974, but some considered it to be overrated. Fans have been debating over what they would want in a remake, reboot, or sequel for years now, so it will be interesting to see what they have in store for us. As it stands right now, we don’t know when production will finish the film since the delay was unexpected.

What makes this film interesting? 

The film will be expanding on a story that has been in the public consciousness for years. People have always wanted to see more of it and get a chance to enjoy it again. It’s hard to say if this movie will be able to deliver on the original since most people don’t remember what the original was like and might not have much desire to go back, but I’m interested in seeing how they plan on telling this story. The Exorcist was one of my favorite horror movies growing up, so I’ll want to see if they can bring the same creepy atmosphere from the original movie.


Who can watch this film? 

You can watch this film if you liked the original, if you’re a horror fan or if you just want to see a good creepy movie. If you haven’t seen the first one, you might want to before seeing this to get a better idea of what it’s about.

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