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The Upcoming Action Crime Movie ‘Plane’ Is Set To Release In 2023

The Upcoming Action Crime Movie ‘Plane’ Is Set To Release In 2023

The plane is an upcoming action crime movie set to release in theatres on January 13. The story is about a flight commander who, with other survivors of a plane crash, must fight against desperate criminals who managed to survive the wreckage. Gerard Butler stars as Captain Brodie Torrance and one of the film’s producers, assuring viewers that they will not be disappointed. Jean-François Richet said that he is confident that ‘plane’ will deliver what people have come to expect from the disaster genre,” said Movie Web while reporting on the exclusive photo of Butler bloodied after his role as Torrance. A spokesperson for the production company said, “Worldview Entertainment is proud to present the first look at PLANE. This gripping thriller, centered on an international flight crew forced to make a crash landing on an isolated island in the middle of a typhoon is one of 20223’s most anticipated releases. We are extremely excited to share PLANE with the world and we look forward to delivering the first-class movie experience fans will be looking for this January. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Gerard Butler as Brodie Torrance
  • Mike Colter as Louis Gaspare
  • Yoson An as Dele
  • Daniella Pineda as Bonnie
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Hampton
  • Remi Adeleke as Shellback
  • Joey Slotnick as Sinclair
  • Evan Dane Taylor as Junmar
  • Claro de los Reyes as Hajan
  • Tony Goldwyn as Scarsdale
  • Lilly Krug as Brie
  • Kate Rachesky as Flight Attendant
  • Tara Westwood as Sydney
  • Kelly Gale as Katie
  • Mark Labella as Manila ATC
  • Oliver Trevena as Carver
  • Otis Winston as RCMP Officer Knight
  • Jeff Francisco as Lolo

Release Date:

The Film is scheduled to be released on January 13, 2023, in the United States.

What is the film about? 

The plane is a drama-action thriller movie in which the actors have been battling on a plane that fell in a storm with criminals who have survived. In the middle of this turbulence, they are forced to land on an island that is desolate and remote. They are required to fight against the criminals so they can get away alive.  As it is an action movie, it should have a lot of fight scenes and so on. Planes usually have a lot of shootouts, fights, etc. So this is an action film. A commercial flight crew and passengers find themselves caught up in a war zone after they’re forced to land their plane during a terrible storm. While fighting for survival, they must also face the various factions that are battling for control of the island. 

What makes this film interesting?

The story is about a commercial flight crew that gets caught up in a war zone. What makes this film interesting is the new cast they picked which includes Gerard Butler and Jean-François Richet. They are both world-known actors who have been doing different things in the past. It will be an awesome film if they have done their roles right, and it will be even better if the other actors play their roles well too. So far, they have received a lot of praise and everyone is looking forward to watching the movie. 

Will this film be good? 

I think it is a really good idea to make this movie because most people love watching action movies like planes, fighters, or whatever else, so I think that this one will also do well at the box office. I’m already stoked because most of my favorite movies are like this. This will be an awesome film if all these predictions are coming true. So far, they already got a lot of praise from different people around the world so it is good enough for them to want to look forward to this new film too.


Who can watch this film? 

This film can be watched by young and old people because it is not a horror which could scare younger viewers. This is a movie that is suitable for all ages. It will have something for everyone. I think that this will be a good one too. 

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