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The upcoming Physologcal Thriller TV Series ‘Fatal Attraction’ Reboot Revealed Its First look

The upcoming TV series Fatal Attraction is set to debut on Paramount+ in 2023. The reboot of the 1987 thriller will follow Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson. When this first look was revealed, it has a new take on the material that is more in touch with the human element of the intense thriller. Like all TV shows, this trailer is meant to entice viewers and make them want to tune in for its premiere date. Director Silver Tree has chosen to make sure this show will be dark and gritty as always, but also bring some humanity into it. The spinoff premieres on Paramount+ in 2023. Paramount TVs’ head of drama, Alexandra Cunningham, will serve as an executive producer.  The original Fatal Attraction starred Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. The material itself is about a woman, Alex Forrest (Glenn Close), who will do anything to win the heart of her husband, David (Douglas). She eventually tries to play their daughter’s teacher to get him out of the apartment where he is sleeping with another woman.

Who is in the cast?

  • Lizzy Caplan as Alex Forrest
  • Joshua Jackson as Dan Gallagher
  • Amanda Peet as Beth Gallagher
  • Alyssa Jirrels as Ellen Gallagher
  • Toby Huss as Mike Gerard
  • Reno Wilson as Det. Earl Booker
  • Brian Goodman as Arthur Tomlinson
  • Wanda De Jesus as Marcella Levya
  • Doreen Calderon as Maureen Walker
  • Jessica Harper as Sophie
  • John Getz as Warren

Release Date:

The series which is based on a 1987 film is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023 on Paramount+.

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What is the series about? 

If you’ve seen the original Fatal Attraction, you’ll get this spinoff. While there are differences between the 1987 thriller and its upcoming TV series, it’s still a tale of a person who has lost control of their life due to an affair that quickly turns into obsession.

Dan Gallagher is a successful district attorney and happily married to Beth. Beth runs her own small business while raising three children alone while her husband is away working on cutting-edge cases. When Dan has an affair with Alex Forrest, one of his interns at the DA’s office, he moves out of the house and spends less time with his family. Meanwhile, Alex continues to stalk Dan and Beth until she realizes she can’t have Dan to herself. “We are thrilled to partner with Paramount Pictures and Anonymous Content on this project,” said Carolyn Bernstein, Executive Vice President of Original Programming at Lifetime. “The story will delve deeply into the psychological thriller character at the heart of Fatal Attraction and keep alive the signature twists and turns that audiences love. The series will be a seductive thriller that explores how far we’ll go to protect our family while boldly asking if you can ever escape your past.

What makes this series interesting? 

Fatal Attraction has been remade, retold, and revisited to death over the past 30 years. And yet, there is still something special about this story that makes it stand out. This TV series is not being made for the audience who has no idea what Fatal Attraction was about 30 years ago. It’s being made for those who are willing to give it a shot because they know what happened in the original movie and want to see it happen again.


What is the targeted audience? 

The targeted audience of this series will no doubt be in the same demographic as the original movie: women. Men rarely see Fatal Attraction, though it’s one of those horror flicks that men will watch if a woman wants to watch it. This TV series is being made for the woman in your life who loves watching shows about evil women and dark secrets.

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