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Netflix Original Comedy Series ‘Blockbuster season 2’ Got Cancelled After Season 2

Netflix has canceled the second season of its workplace comedy Blockbuster after one season. The streamer announced in December. 17th, just six weeks after its release of Season 1. It has also been reported that it will not release any future episodes or seasons of the show on Netflix and they will be removed from all devices in use across the United States. According to a Netflix representative, “We can’t wait to bring further adventures of the Buchmans to fans of the show. We want to thank the cast and crew who worked so hard on Blockbuster season one.” The decision was taken after viewership failed to meet expectations. It is currently unknown what Netflix plans on doing with Blockbuster now that it has been officially canceled. The first season of the Blockbuster was released on 3rd November 2022. which is available on Netflix, and season 2 has also been released on all devices. The streaming giant has decided to pull the plug on the comedy after season 1 only had a mediocre number of viewers. It is no longer available for streaming and will not be streamed in any further episodes or seasons.

Who is in the cast?

  • Randall Park as Timmy Yoon
  • Melissa Fumero as Eliza Walker
  • Olga Merediz as Connie Serrano
  • Tyler Alvarez as Carlos Herrera
  • Madeleine Arthur as Hannah Hadman
  • J. B. Smoove as Percy Scott
  • Kamaia Fairburn as Kayla Scott
  • Leonard Robinson as Aaron Walker
  • Keegan Connor Tracy as Rene

What is the series about? 

Blockbuster season 1 explores what, and who, makes a small business succeed. The story follows the employees at a video rental store as they try to survive in this digital age where movies can be streamed online. This Netflix original comedy is based on the “Blockbuster” Brand. The movie is about a group of people that are trying to keep their video rental store open for business. Each episode takes place in one day and ends with someone logging onto Netflix or other digital platforms to stream their entertainment. Blockbuster season 2 has been canceled after only one season has been aired on Netflix, although it is not clear if the show will continue on some other streaming platform. Netflix has officially announced that it will not be releasing any further episodes of the show or official spin-off series, or specials. It will not be available on Netflix anymore and therefore is no longer available to stream. 

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Is it worth watching? 

The Blockbuster Season 1 is not that good and will not appeal to many people. The first season was released on November 3rd, 2022, and focused on the employees in a video store. The first season was divided into 8 episodes and has a rating of 0 out of 5 stars. Around 22% of the viewers gave it a five-star rating, but only around 10% gave it four or more stars. Many people are upset to have lost this show because they think the ratings were unfair and too low to be canceled by Netflix. Even though viewers have not given Re-watchable ratings, fans will still come out and support the show once again.

Why did Netflix cancel the series? 

Netflix has not stated why they canceled the show or if they plan on releasing a new one. Many people do not like the fact that they canceled such a good series without giving any type of reason. Most viewers had high expectations for this series and were sad to see it end so soon. In conclusion, we believe Blockbuster season 2 got canceled after season 1 because Netflix did not think it was receiving enough viewership to keep it going for much longer. Although many people have been upset about it being removed from their devices, the future is bright for this show and there is no doubt that it will be back in the future with another season or a spin-off special somewhere else online. 

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