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Everything You Want to Know About Drama Series ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Is Here

The third season of Euphoria will be premiering on June 16th, 2019, and it has been a long wait for the show’s devoted fans. The first two seasons were a resounding success and HBO will be hoping that season 3 can replicate the same buzz. The first series of Euphoria was a hit when it first dropped back in 2019. It had the critics raving about its clever script, which tackled a whole range of social issues. The show was praised for its honest portrayal of young people and their travails, with some suggesting that the raw realism of the show might be harmful to its viewers. However, despite this criticism, the overall response from critics and audiences was positive. The plot of the show revolves around 17-year-old Rue, who is a drug-addicted school student. She has recently been released from a mental institution after experiencing a mental breakdown. The show also follows her school friends. The first two series of Euphoria focus on the lives of Rue, her friends, and her family. The show does not have a regular cast and instead focuses on various characters.

Who is in the cast?

  • Zendaya as Ruby “Rue” 
  • Maude Apatow as Alexandra “Lexi”
  • Angus Cloud as Fezco “Fez”
  • Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs
  • Alexa Demie as Madeleine 
  • Jacob Elordi as Nathaniel
  • Barbie Ferreira as Katherine
  • Nika King as Leslie Bennett,
  • Storm Reid as Georgia
  • Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn
  • Algee Smith as Christopher
  • Sydney Sweeney as Cassandra
  • Colman Domingo as Ali Muhammed
  • Javon “Wanna” Walton as Ashtray
  • Austin Abrams as Ethan Daley
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Release Date:

The series was first released on June 16, 2019, With Eight episodes on HBO Original, and in February 2022, the series was renewed for 3rd season which is expected to be released sometime in 2023. 

What is the series about? 

There is no official synopsis available for season 3 yet but it is believed that the show will follow the lives of Rue, her friends, and her family. In the first two series, we saw Rue battle with drug addiction and mental illness. We were also introduced to several other characters, including Lexi and Fez. Rue’s love of the arts, and her passionate nature, are also a focus of the show. On the average episode, the show tackles a range of issues including child abuse, drug abuse, toxic relationships/positivity, hookup culture/toxic positivity, hookup game, mental illness/drama therapy, suicide compared to death, and more. The show has been praised for its honest portrayal of young people and their travails including mental illness. However, some viewers have expressed concern about the watchability of the show if you are over 18 years old. Euphoria is not a safe watch for those under 18.

What makes this series interesting? 

The show shines a light on the travails of teenagers and how they cope with their struggles. The show also sheds light on pressing social issues like sexual assault, drug abuse, and mental illness. In the first series of Euphoria, we saw the death of Rue’s mother, Lexi’s revelation that she was attempting to escape human trafficking and Rue’s battle with addiction. We also saw Rue’s best friend commit suicide. The second series was perhaps even more shocking as it focused on Rue’s sudden mental breakdown and her release from a psychiatric unit. Teenagers in the fictional town of East Highland seek hope while balancing the strains of love, loss, and addiction.

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Who can watch this series? 

If you are over 18 years old and have a strong stomach then Euphoria is worth a watch. The show has been praised for its raw representation of young people and their travels. However, the show has been criticized for its explicit content, not least because of its graphic depictions of drug abuse and suicide. Several viewers have suggested that the show could be harmful to those viewers who are under 18 years old because it depicts scenes that they might find shocking or upsetting. If you are under 18 or do not want to be exposed to such material, then Euphoria is not for you.


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