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The Upcoming Series Wonder Man Has more Episodes Than She-Hulk

The MCU recently introduced a new superheroine to its vast roster of heroes in She-Hulk. The show has been moderately successful but Marvel may be showing it the door after only two seasons. However, Wonder Man may have just saved the day for Marvel’s streaming service. A recent report from a scooper claims that the upcoming show on Disney+ will feature 9 individual episodes, which would make Wonder Man one of the longest-running and most successful MCU shows ever created by Disney+. With only one season under its belt and a second season confirmed, this is surely good news for Marvel Studios as they continue to deliver quality content for their fans across multiple platforms. In a series of tweets, the source revealed that Wonder Man will have more episodes than She-Hulk. The exact episodes have not yet been determined but the nine runtimes are reportedly already in place and ready to go as soon as the order goes through.

Release Date:

No confirmed date has been announced by the MCU or Disney+ well we can expect it to be released sometime in 2023 or in 2024.

About Wonder man:

Wonder man is a superhero from the comic book universe. He first appeared during an early Iron Man story arc. However, he was not discovered and co-opted until Spider-Man when his existence was revealed. He originally gained his powers from a device (which was in turn built by Iron Man), but after being captured by Norman Osborn, he eventually obtained a suit that enhanced his abilities as well as gave him superhuman strength and endurance. The suit was originally blamed for his breakdown and the name change, but the device was actually behind it. The suit featured a built-in pacemaker that stabilized his heartbeat. He also wore a mask during times of extreme stress, which contained a holographic projector used to display imagery to lift his spirits.

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What fans are expecting from the series?

From last year’s teaser and trailers, fans are expecting a lot from this upcoming series. They hope it will bring some humor and fun to Marvel’s phase 4. It is still not clear if the show will be connected to any other MCU installment, but fans expect that it might be connected to the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home film (Marvel Studios has yet to confirm this), which hits U.S. theaters on July 2nd, 2019. This will be a great opportunity for Marvel Studios to show us what is next for Spiderman since with the current setup of movies there aren’t many possibilities for sequels or even spinoffs. The report claims that the show will not be connected to any other films but it is still possible that they could introduce a crossover between the MCU and 616 universes.


What makes this series interesting?

Wonder man is a very interesting and popular character in the comic book universe. Theatergoers will be able to watch the show on Disney+ along with the other future MCU installments. Wonder man is one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, and he has been in almost every major story arc since his creation. He is also a great addition to the MCU as he can bring some new elements as well as diversity to the fans. The show will also provide some much-needed humor to spice up Marvel’s phase 4, which currently seems limited and unrelated to each other because of so many rescheduled projects.

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Who will be the targeted audience?

The fans of the show will enjoy the fun and exciting Marvel content. The target audience may be young, as the main character is a teenager. In addition, Wonder man is not a superhero like most of the Avengers but he is an average person like us who happens to get extraordinary powers. This difference sets him apart from other superheroes and Marvel fans can relate to him through the struggles that he faces in his everyday life and his superhero career as well. 

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