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The Action Adventure Series ‘Shantaram’ Got Cancelled By Apple TV For Season Second

Recently some Apple TV+ drama series Shantaram series has announced the cancellation of their second season, so the Season 1 finale will serve as a series finale and be based on the 900-1000 page epic novel, which was impacted by the pandemic. Apple TV+ has not been able to show the episodes of the drama series Shantaram season 2, and they have not announced yet if this canceled drama series will be relaunched in the future. The drama series was based on the original book Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts.  The story of this drama series revolves around a convict named Lin who escaped from a prison in Australia to Bombay in India. In India, he adopted the name Shantaram to survive as a local. He got involved with a local mafia and also works to help people in need and attacks the police and mafias. Apple TV+ has spent millions of dollars on the production of this drama series, and they have not announced the reason for such a sudden cancellation. Many times, some reports suggest that Apple TV+ took a lot of time to cancel this show, but they have not confirmed it yet. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Charlie Hunnam as Dale Conti
  • Fayssal Bazzi as Abdullah Taheri
  • Sujaya Dasgupta as Kavita
  • Antonia Desplat as Karla Saaranen
  • Elham Ehsas as Sebastian Modena
  • David Field as Wally Nightingale
  • Matthew Joseph as Ravi
  • Rachel Kamath as Parvati
  • Alyy Khan as Qasim Ali
  • Elektra Kilbey as Lisa Carter
  • Shiv Palekar as Vikram
  • Luke Pasqualino as Maurizio Belcane
  • Vincent Perez as Didier Levy
  • Shubham Saraf as Prabaker “Prabhu” Kharre
  • Gabrielle Scharnitzky as Madame Zhou
  • Alexander Siddig as Abdel Khader Khan
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Release Date:

The first season of the series was released on October 14, 2022, and ended on 16th of December 2022. As the series was canceled by Apple TV so there is no second season.

What is the series about? 

The drama series Shantaram is a story of a convict who escaped from prison in Australia and moved to India. He adopted the name Shantaram in India and also got involved with a local mafia. He also helps people in need, but he is mostly against the local police as well as the mafia. The story is about his life and his adventures. The series has an ensemble cast. It includes Sandeep Bose, Sarah Jane Dias, Abhilasha Berry, Nasir Khan, and others. he gets into with underworld drug smugglers, who are out to destroy the lives of those who cross their path. As the series progresses, it gets more interesting as the character of Lin is shown to be eying a mob-linked region where his former partner is operating. it was originally based on a novel: This drama series was originally based on a novel named Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts which is the story of an Australian prisoner who escaped from prison to India where he adopted the name Shantaram. 

Why did the series got canceled?

For Apple TV+ the success of this drama series Shantaram raises a lot of doubts. On the other hand, this is an expensive show to make and gets canceled suddenly. However, it has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike. Some viewers say that this is an amazing drama with a great story and acting too. But some others believe that there are some problems with the plot and acting too in this drama series Shantaram. Besides, it has some graphic scenes as well as violence-related scenes which might not be appropriate for children to watch in such a young age group as teenagers.

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What makes this series interesting?

The drama series Shantaram is interesting because of its amazing cast and story. Its cast includes so many popular faces and it has a good storyline based on the novel. That is why this series got a lot of attention. The actors and the story has made this drama series Shantaram extremely interesting. If a series has a good cast then that is very important, and the actors and actresses in this drama series Shantaram are famous.


At what age can children watch this?

Many parents get annoyed by graphic scenes and violence-related scenes. They think that their children will not enjoy such scenes on Apple TV+, and they might be too young to watch such violent scenes. Therefore, they should avoid watching this drama series until their teens or twenties, but it does not mean that they should avoid every single scene in the entire series.

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