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Warhammer Getting Adapted By Amazon For a TV Show Starring Herney Cavill

Warhammer Getting Adapted By Amazon For a TV Show Starring Herney Cavill

A new Warhammer series is moving forward for the first time with an adaptation from Amazon Studios. The series will be produced by Henry Cavill and will star the actor as well as executive produce. The series is intended to remain faithful to Warhammer lore, with the film being based on the first game in the saga. Amazon Studios has also agreed not to make changes that would alter or change any of the original Warhammer designs. The game first launched in 1983 and has seen decades of expansions, too many to tally no matter how long you spend doing just that. In an interview with Deadline, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke explained that it was the close relationship with Games Workshop, the original creator of Warhammer, that made them an attractive partner to create a series. “We couldn’t be more honored to be working with Games Workshop,” Salke said. “The Warhammer universe is an incredibly rich universe and there are so many angles that we can come at it from.” 

About the Game:

Warhammer is one of the most popular miniature games in the world, with thousands of players all over the globe participating in tournaments and events. Warhammer combines the thrilling gameplay of miniature wargames with the epic stories and characters found in a universe beyond imagination. The Warhammer universe is an incredible setting that has never seen television before and offers a unique blend of gritty battles, visceral violence, and breathless adventure. Amazon Studios plans to use its enormous catalog of original programming as a way to attract both new fans of the games and potential new viewers who may not have heard of the franchise. “We can’t wait to bring this fantastic world to life,” Cavill said. “Warhammer is without question one of the most iconic game settings ever created, but above all, it represents an entire universe that’s full of stories filled with drama, action, and adventure. A major feature of the free-to-play title is its role-playing game, where players can choose to play as one of three races—the Empire, Chaos, or the Dwarfs—based on their preference and different faction specializations by way of crafting choices.

What can we expect from the film adaptation? 

War for the Planet of the Apes which is also based on a board game and the forthcoming Han Solo film. As we have learned from previous examples, the film industry looks for a best-selling book or a movie property to turn into another blockbuster hit. Warhammer will be the first aspect of Games Workshop’s business that is being adapted to the screen. Henry Cavill has been vocal about his love and passion for the game, and Amazon Studios is said to be looking for someone who could bring this universe to life as a TV series. The average base level of Warhammer players is still quite low, so perhaps they are looking at taking some inspiration from Star Wars (similar franchises) or Lord of the Rings (similar themes) to attract new viewers. As pointed out by Collider, the film will likely be set up as a trilogy, which means that interest in it should gather momentum as it gets better known among fans.

Why should you watch this show?

If you ever played Warhammer, watched any of the lore videos, or read any of the short stories then this show will bring back many great memories and feel at home. If you didn’t play the games then there are many ways to get involved in the community which has the potential to change your life. I have made friends for life through Warhammer and all over the world, we share a common bond between us. I’m personally looking forward to this show and how it impacts future TV/film entertainment from Games Workshop as well as Amazon Studios.


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