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The Reality TV Series ‘Lego Masters’ Renewed Season 4 This December At Fox



In a move that will allow “Lego Masters” to continue to air on Fox, season four has been renewed. Additionally, the series will be releasing an episode of “Lego Masters: Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular” this December. The fourth season will premiere during the 2023-2024 TV season and consist of approx 10 episodes. The show is hosted by Will Arnett and produced by Lego Master Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital studio Blue Ribbon Content.   The show has received positive reviews from critics who saw the first two episodes. “Lego Masters continues to improve with each episode,” according to IGN. “It’s a show that not only serves as a fun alternative to the typical daytime sitcom but also provides a much-needed break away from the heavily scripted dramas on TV. The show, which features ordinary people using their imaginations to create masterpieces out of tiny bricks, is still a fresh idea that’s ripe with potential.” 

Who is in the series?

  • Will Arnett as Self – A host
  • Jamie Berard as Self-Judge
  • Amy Corbett as Self-Judge
  • Zack Macasaet as Self – Contestant
  • Caleb Schilling as Self-Contestant
  • Wayne Macasaet as Self-Contestant
  • Jacob Schilling as Self-Contestant
  • Mark Erickson as Self – Contestant
  • Steven Erickson as Self-Contestant
  • Michelle Brooks as Self-Contestant
  • Natalie Cleveland as Self-Contestant
  • Boone Langston as Boone Langston
  • The Bearded Builders  as Self 
  • Amy Clites as Self – The Newlyweds
  • Jessica Ragzy Ewud as Self – The Eccentrics
  • Samuel Hatmaker as Self – The Eccentrics
  • Tyler Clites as Self – The Newlyweds
  • Mark Cruickshank as Self – The Bearded Builders
  • Dave Kaleta as Self – Contestant

Release Date:

The series was first released on February 5, 2020. In December 2022 the series gets renewed for season 4 which may release in 2023-24.

What is the series about? 

“Lego Masters” is a reality competition series that finds ordinary people who love playing with LEGO building things out of these tiny bricks. Each episode finds two competitors battling to combine their talents and imagination to create the most original creation, steampunk-style. The contestants are given challenges to overcome, like assembling an entire model beforehand to plan and execute intricate designs. The show has won a Teen Choice Award in the Reality Competition category. However, the show “Lego Masters” has suffered from low ratings, earning the lowest ratings for a new season of a reality show on Fox in six years. These facts cast doubt on the show’s renewal. 

What kind of skills do contestants have to have to compete?

“Lego Masters” has become known as a competition between two competitors who try to build several completely different creations out of tiny bricks to win. They are given challenges beyond simply building their creations (e.g., designing game-like obstacles and requiring competitors to work as part of a team). In some episodes, competitors must also cope with life back home while they are competing on the show because they are absent from family members and friends.

What makes this show interesting?

The contestants on “Lego Masters” are ordinary people who use their imaginations to create masterpieces out of tiny bricks. These “Masters” are given challenges to overcome, like assembling an entire model beforehand to plan and execute intricate designs. “Lego Masters” is a show that requires contestants with a great deal of skill. In addition, it appeals to people who like robots or Legos as well as those who like video games and competitive reality shows. The contestants are given unique challenges beyond simply assembling their creations (e.g., designing game-like obstacles and requiring competitors to work as part of a team). The show’s host, Will Arnett, has been lauded by critics and fans alike for his sense of humor and ability to tell a good story while also being very observant in his role as host


Why should you watch this show?

“Lego Masters” is a show that’s perfect for the whole family. It appeals to children and adults alike who enjoy playing with Legos. The contestants on the show may be everyday people with normal jobs, but they have such extraordinary imaginations that they create Lego sculptures with such complexity and intricacy that they are unlike anything ever seen on television before. 

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