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Netflix Comedy film ‘Family Leave’ Starring Jennifer Garner with Ed Helms

Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms are teaming up for Netflix’s comedy film, Family Leave. 

Garner will play Jess, a working mom juggling three careers who quickly discovers that she’s not the only one whose family life is falling apart. Helms will play Bill Walker, a struggling father of four whose workaholic wife leaves. In this heartwarming comedy-drama, Garner and Helms star as estranged parents forced to trade places to save their kids from growing too far apart. See these two actors in full mom-and-dad mode when their children take an unfortunate turn for the worse. The film is directed by McG and is based on the book Bedtime for Mommy by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. The film follows the story of a pair of parents who switch places with another family halfway around the world, allowing them to spend precious time with each other and also spend time with their new country’s children. A Netflix press release makes clear that it is about body-switching, not just the exchange of parenting tips. 

Release Date:

The film is currently in production and is expected to be released sometime in 2023 or 2024.

What is the film about? 

As a husband and wife, Jess and Bill are now waking up every morning as the Brenners. But something else has happened to a family on the other side of the world — they’ve switched bodies with the Brenners. So now the Brenners must find a way to unmask this family and find out what’s going on. But in the meantime, they’ve got to run a household and care for three children and have no idea how they’re going to do it. The whole film is going to be done through these two families learning how to parent each other’s kids.” “It’s a funny concept but it’s about a serious issue, which is that we as parents have lost our sense of time. Parenting used to be a season but now it feels like an occupation, and people are not taking the time to spend with their kids. 


Why should I watch this film?  

Everyone should watch this film at least once in their lifetime. it’s the kind of movie that you will probably watch again and again. It’s such a feel-good movie that you can watch it over and over again and each time it will be just as good as the last time. It’s one of those movies that you wish would never end because you feel so happy when you are watching this film. If more people would watch this film then maybe more of them would realize how important it is for them to spend time with their children instead of letting life get in the way all the time without even realizing it until it’s too late.” 

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Who is the director? 

Jeremy Garelick McG is an American film director and producer. McG has won a Golden Globe Award, an Independent Spirit Award, a Satellite Award, a BAFTA Award, and an Emmy Award. He has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Director and has also been nominated five times for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Feature Film (McG has won all five). 

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