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Studio Ghibli Sets The Release Date For Upcoming Adventurous Animated Film ‘How Do You Live’

Studio Ghibli has just announced that they will be releasing Hayao Miyazaki’s How Do You Live in 2023 on July 14th. This is one of the director’s most-anticipated movies and many fans are very excited about it. The story of the movie is based on the 1937 novel How Do You Live? by Genzaburō Yoshino, which follows a young boy, Copper, and his uncle who is giving him answers to life’s biggest questions. Miyazaki has stated that he will be working with CG for this movie- however, it is currently unknown what kind of technique he will be using for it. Also, Miyazaki has announced that Toshio Suzuki will be producing this movie with him. Suzuki is an actor and producer who has played roles in many Studio Ghibli movies such as Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and The Wise Man’s Fear. He has also produced some of Miyazaki’s live-action films such as The Wind Rises and the most recent one When Marnie Was There. This announcement has just come very recently- it seems we’re just about to get a more official announcement when Studio Ghibli does their press conference.

Release Date:

All we know so far is that the movie will be released in 2023 on July 14th. We don’t know much about the storyline nor when it will be released outside of Japan. This is one to watch for though since it’s one of the director’s most-anticipated films.

What is the film about? 

The movie is based on a book called How Do You Live? by Genzaburō Yoshino. This book was first published in 1937 and follows the life of Copper and his uncle from the time he was a little boy up until he became an adult. The film’s story is set in 2023; however, the events are told from Copper’s perspective as a young man. The director has stated that this movie will be CG-enhanced. It seems highly likely that it will include some kind of water/fog effects. The movie centers around the boy. who is the main character is an ordinary boy named Copper, who is growing up and learning about life. He is trying to figure out what kind of person he should become in the future and how to live his life. As you can see, the film will most likely be one of Miyazaki’s best-if, not THE best movie yet. It will probably be a very realistic take on human relationships like many other Studio Ghibli films are known for since it is based on a novel rather than a fairy tale or other fictional story.

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What fans are expecting from Miyazaki? 

One of the main things people are looking forward to from this movie is a new kind of CG that Studio Ghibli has never used before. There are rumors that it will be water/fog effects, but it’s not confirmed yet. Many fans hope that the CG featured in this movie will deal with how water/fog is used in other Studio Ghibli movies. Many would also like to see one of my favorite directors, Hayao Miyazaki, make his return to live-action as well. Many fans of his films would like to see him make a return to the big screen in some way. However, this movie will most likely not be his last Studio Ghibli film. 


What will be the targeted audience? 

The audience will most likely be made of lots of older people rather than younger people. A few younger people may try to watch it if they are interested in Miyazaki’s other films. There have been many Studio Ghibli fans throughout the years, and with this movie coming out, there will probably be even more fans all over the world.

What is special about this movie? 

The most wonderful thing about this movie is that it’s based on a book and not a fairy tale or fictional story. This means that it will probably focus on real-world human relationships and emotions in a very realistic way like many other Studio Ghibli films are known for doing.

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