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Netflix’s Action Adventures Film ‘Troll’ Review

If you’re looking for a film that’s not just mindless entertainment, but also has the potential to make you laugh one minute and scream the next, then you should check out Netflix’s Troll. The Norwegian film is an action-adventure story that focuses on a giant troll who emerges from the Norwegian. In his way is a prospector named Thomas and a group of people trying to protect Oslo, led by the King’s sister. If you love action films, then you’ll probably appreciate Troll. Here’s a breakdown of the film so you can decide whether or not to watch it. The trolls are evil and their arrival is like an atomic bomb landing over Oslo. Trolls are all about survival — if you’re wondering why these trolls want to destroy the capital, especially the Royal Palace, then this film will help you decide whether you want to watch it or not. The troll has plenty of action and one-liners that are plentiful but not overdone. This is a major plus for many viewers who love action films.

Who is in the cast?

  • Ine Marie Wilmann as Nora Tidemann
  • Kim Falck as Andreas Isaksen
  • Mads Sjøgård Pettersen as Kaptein Kristoffer Holm
  • Gard B. Eidsvold as Tobias Tidemann
  • Anneke von der Lippe as Statsminister Berit Moberg
  • Fridtjov Såheim as Forsvarsminister, Frederick Markussen
  • Dennis Storhøi as Forsvarssjef General Sverre Lunde
  • Karoline Victoria Sletteng Garvang as Sigrid Hodne
  • Yusuf Toosh Ibra as Amir
  • Bjarne Hjelde as Hoffsjef Rikard Sinding
  • Ameli Olving Sælevik as Unge Nora Tidemann
  • Ollie Campbell as Dr. David Secord
  • Jon Ketil Johnsen as Professor Møller
  • Duc Paul Mai-The as Professor Wangel
  • Ingrid Vollan as Oddrun Gundersen
  • Trond Magnum as Lars Gundersen
  • Paal Herman Ims as Kristen soldat
  • Kasper Antonsen as OPS-assistent
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Release Date:

The film was set to be released on the 1st of December 2022 on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet and wanted to watch it then you can stream it on Netflix. 

What is the film about? 

It’s about a giant troll that emerges from a Norwegian mountain, and the people who have to deal with it. That’s pretty much it. Yes, it has a plot that flows nicely, but the film isn’t completely based on this plot. In terms of the types of people who are featured in the film, every type is included. You learn about these people in Flashbacks throughout the film. It’s like getting background on everyone involved and their motives for killing the troll. In terms of what their motives are, it’s to save Oslo and their loved ones. We learn that they have children they love and wish nothing more than to protect them from the dangers of the outside world. This film has a lot of action and one-liners that are plentiful but not overdone. This is a major plus for many viewers who love action films. And there’s plenty of blood and guts in this film, too.

What makes this film interesting? 

The action. It’s not just mindless fighting, but it features an interesting plot too. Think of it like the Lord of the Rings, except that instead of having a team of hobbits and elves, there are humans fighting trolls. The film is set in Norway, so it has that Viking feel to it. You get that sense of adventure and fighting trolls amid mountains. It’s the classic fantasy you know the type, where there’s a group of people who go on a quest for something important. Trolls are like that. It has a plot that’s unlike any other, but it also has an interesting backstory. The troll’s design was based on the Ring Trolls in Nordic folklore that are said to live in the mountains. The trolls are evil and their arrival is like an atomic bomb landing over Oslo. People end up dying in this film, so if you’re looking for something light-hearted with cute animals and no bloodshed, then you should look elsewhere because that’s not what this film is about.

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Who can watch this film?

Anyone who’s able to go through some intense fighting and a few subtitles should be okay. The subtitles are there for a reason to understand the film, you have to read them. The film doesn’t have much of a plot, but it does have a lot of action. The trolls can kick some butt! Just make sure that you’re paying attention when you watch the movie so you don’t miss the action scenes. This movie is no joke; it’s intense, and it has some gore that may make viewers squirm.


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