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Hell of a Summer: Finn Wolfhard Speaks About What to Expect From His Directorial Debut

I think it will be a lot of fun,” Wolfhard said. “It’s a coming-of-age story with horror, emotion, and comedy. It’s set at a summer camp which is just this place full of gore and terror. It’s a mix of dark horror, coming-of-age story, horror-comedy.” We spoke with Wolfhard about his directing debut that will be released in 2023 or 2024. I think after Stranger Things came out, people have been willing to give it a shot. I think they feel like they can make something cool and do something different on their own. So, that’s been cool for me, just to see all the creative people on Twitter and Instagram, posting their work and just making me feel like I’m not alone in this. It’s cool. The movie is set at camp,” he continued. “It’s a camp where all these boys go to, who are going through puberty and they all have their issues. So, they go to this camp to get away from it all, and then all of a sudden there is a murderer on the loose killing everyone in sight. 

About  Finn Wolfhard?

He is an actor who was born on January 20, 2002, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He rose to fame playing Mike Wheeler on the Netflix series Stranger Things. For a good while, Wolfhard and his co-stars were the hottest things in Hollywood.  

How does his work on Stranger Things contribute?

Finn Wolfhard is one of the most popular names in Hollywood. He is a well-known actor and has a huge social media fan following as well. He has been involved in projects like It and Stranger Things, which have been colossal successes. These two projects have played an important role in elevating his career to greater heights. The entire cast of Stranger Things enjoys great fame and popularity and is immensely talented as well. The show’s plot, performances, cinematography, special effects, etc., were all above average. 

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What fans are expecting from his upcoming film?

“I think they’re expecting some blood, some gore, some horror, and a lot of humor. I think that it’s going to feel different from what anyone is used to seeing. I feel like there is a lot of respect for what has come before me in the horror genre with movies like It and Stranger Things, which made a huge impact on fans and younger people in general. I feel like this movie will be doing something at that level. So I imagine they also want to see something scary and suspenseful as well. That’s what we’re going for, something that is just different and fun to watch. 


Is it a specific genre, horror-comedy?

“Yeah, I would say it’s almost like a horror comedy. A lot of the time, people are attracted to horror movies because they want to see blood and monsters kill people. That’s not really what this movie is going for. I feel like we want to do something at that level but with a little more humor to it.” “It’s on the edge of comedy. What I would say is that when you compare it to other movies that are similar, those characters are just so much more interesting and fun than anything else I’ve ever seen in pop culture or film as well.

What will be the targeted audience?

It’s going to be 14 and up. I think that teenagers are probably the perfect audience size for it. There will be a lot of blood. There will be a lot of action. It’s going to be a pretty great movie. 

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