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Neflix is Coming With Another Season Of the Psychological Thriller Series ‘You Season 4’

Netflix is coming back with more of the psychological thriller series You, but this time it will be returning sooner than expected. In a post on their official Twitter page on November 10, Netflix revealed that Season 4 will premiere one day earlier than expected. This announcement comes as a surprise to fans of the series who may have been counting down the days until its return. But now they can celebrate Thanksgiving early because they know that Episode 1 will be streaming on February 9, 2023. The next season of You confirms Joe Goldberg’s actions and mentality are not just figments of his imagination but are real. More clues about the elusive A-Talker are teased in Netflix’s announcement video for Season 4. The last season of You ended with the biggest twist fans never saw coming. In the finale, it was revealed that Joe (Penn Badgley) had lost his mind for real. He will be back to his old self and will go on another killing spree towards the end of the year. 

Who is in the cast of season 4?

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg and also Jonathan Moore
  • Tati Gabrielle as Marienne Bellamy
  • Lukas Gage as Adam
  • Charlotte Ritchie as Kate
  • Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe
  • Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia
  • Ed Speleers as Rhys

Release Date: 

In October just after the season 3 complete streaming season four was renewed which is divided into two parts the first part is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2023. and the second part on March 9.

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What is the series about?

‘You’ is about Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a stalkerish bookstore manager who already had several stalking charges against him. When he meets Beck (Elizabeth Lail), the love of his life, troubles come his way again. He became obsessed with her and started stalking her which didn’t sit too well with Beck’s boyfriend, Peach Salinger (Amanda Crew). In the series, Joe’s obsession with Beck goes deeper to a point that he will do anything to create an image of The Great Gatsby in her apartment. He creates a party in an empty house and when she arrives at the party to meet him, he pretends like it’s the first time they are meeting. the series follows a similar plot in season 2 as joe meets his new love interest, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). And the same thing happens when he becomes obsessed and starts to stalk her.

What fans are expecting from season 4?

The series is quite popular for its absurd and shocking plot twists. Season 3 ended with Joe being arrested again for attacking Peach (Amanda Crew). The events of Season 4 will take place a few years after he was released. “There are times when he’s on his meds, not bipolar, in a good place mentally and doing well,” Badgley told Entertainment Weekly. “He’s mostly focused on his career and has a great life.” But, since the series is You, there will always be an unexplainable twist or two. “It’s just different levels of reality that he has to deal with.” Badgley continued.

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What makes this series exciting?

You are a show we can’t get enough of. With disturbing and disturbing plot twists, fans of the series are glued to the screen whenever it comes to streaming on Netflix. Fans have enjoyed watching bad boy Joe Goldberg as he becomes more and more obsessed with Becky and his character quickly grows in popularity since its release. The obsession doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the series, Joe has become a cult favorite among viewers and it inspired many fan memes online. Also, many Netflix viewers have been praising the series for its shocking twists that happen even after you think you have things figured out.


Who can watch this series?

The series is a perfect watch for those who like to be surprised. Even if you’re not a fan of this genre, you will still enjoy watching the first few episodes of season 1. The series is perfect for many people who don’t have anything to do on a rainy day or when they feel bored, as it comes with an interesting plot and is full of twists that will keep the viewer entertained.

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