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Joker 2: The Sequel Of 2019’s Joker Begins Filming

Joker 2: The Sequel Of 2019’s Joker Begins Filming

The sequel to Joker, a movie starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular character and directed by Todd Phillips, has started filming today. Todd posted the first picture from the set on his official Instagram page with the following statement: “Day 1. Our boy. #joker.” Fans of the movie have been waiting for a sequel ever since the first one was announced, and it was proven to be real after a couple of photos from the set were posted on Instagram. But fans will now have to wait for a bit because now filming has started and it is expected to last for about five months. Joker 2 has been said to explore David’s origins and how he became such an infamous person. Todd Phillips explained in an interview that this was one of the hardest movies he had ever made and that it won’t be like anything people had seen before, but he guaranteed that people will love it. People are eager to see what this new film will bring because of its originality as well as its potential for success in a genre that is becoming increasingly oversaturated with superhero movies and reboots of 90s shows.

Who is in the cast:

  • Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck 
  • Lady Gaga as Dr. Harleen Quinzel
  • Zazie Beetz as Sophie Dumond

Release Date:

The sequel of the joker is currently in production and also no confirmed release date has been announced it is expected to be released sometime in 2024.

What is the film joker about?

In it, Joaquin Phoenix’s character is an “Arthur Fleck” — a failed comedian who becomes the story’s antagonist, thanks to his violent tendencies, shifting morality, and the deterioration of his mind. we think it can be tricky with comic book movies and some of them are similar in tone. joker is the opposite of that. it’s not a comic book movie. it’s not a superhero movie. it’s very, very different. The main thing about joker is we’re going to explore the idea of a man who thinks he has everything and finds out he doesn’t have anything. he realizes that his fortune, his power, and his abilities are nothing compared to the genius around him and how insane the world is, how crazy this world is and how mad people are so he decides to become an agent of chaos in this chaotic world.

What fans are expecting from the upcoming film?

The film’s main star, Joaquin phoenix gave an interview to the [daily beast] where he talked about what exactly we can expect from his character’s depiction. and he thought that it is pretty much going to be like this. He said that “Arthur fleck” doesn’t have the same inclination as the joker, but the comparisons are still inevitable. He also said that fans will find it harder to see him playing a character with a completely different background than those of the “character”. He isn’t looking for validation from anyone and does hope everyone will like the film. we think with this one we’re going to go very extreme, in a way that we don’t think anyone’s seen before. It’s going to be uncomfortable for people who don’t understand where we’re coming from, as far as this tone and that point of view. 

What makes this film exciting?

There are a lot of things about this film that will make it very exciting for fans. the film promises to be one of the most unusual and extreme movies ever made, and its director, todd Phillips is one of the most interesting people in Hollywood these days. people love his movies because they are always unique and they do something different every time. They say that what is expected from this movie is nothing like anything else before it.


Who can watch this film?

the film is not restricted to any demographic, it’s for all genders and ages. they will have the opportunity to see this movie and all kinds of different people will be able to buy tickets to see it now and then, so everyone can enjoy it. The film has said that they want people to understand where the movie is coming from and what’s going on in a way that only this film can do.

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