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Apple TV+ Comedy Drama Series ‘Little America Season 2’ Review

Apple TV+ Comedy Drama Series ‘Little America Season 2’ Review

On Tuesday, Apple TV+ released the second season of the comedy-drama Little America. The show’s second season manages to live up to its predecessor in terms of quality and humor. It centers around the lives of the employees of a fake news company in a fictional American town. This season brings us back to the Midwest, adding more grit and grit to our favorite show. Little America is an ensemble on Apple TV+. They have a cast of mostly unknown actors that are just so talented. The music is catchy and the storylines are really interesting. I love the show Little America. Apple TV+ outdid themselves on this one, with an amazing comedy-drama series that will leave you wanting more from the first episode. One of my favorite aspects is how realistic it is. A lot of other streaming platforms use a lot of special effects to make their shows more visually appealing but Apple TV+ went for quality and kept true to reality in this show which I find refreshing. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Peggy Lu as Sying
  • Mélanie Laurent as Sylviane
  • Suraj Sharma as Kabir
  • Shaun Toub as Faraz
  • Haaz Sleiman as Rafiq
  • Jearnest Corchado as Marisol
  • Angela Lin as Ai
  • Conphidance as Iwegbuna Ikeji
  • Kemiyondo Coutinho as Beatrice
  • Sasha Frolova as Yana
  • Alan Kim as Luke Song
  • Shiori Ideta as Yoshiko
  • Hanad Abdi as Jibril
  • Stacy Ann Rose as Ines
  • Isuri Wijesundara as Sachini
  • Victoria Canal as Mohammad Amiri
  • Zachary Quinto as Teacher

Release Date:

The first season of the series was released on January 17, 2020. letter the series was renewed for the second season which was released on December 9, 2022.

What is the series about? 

If you haven’t heard of Little America yet, where have you been? It premiered on Apple TV+ in January 2020 to rave reviews. The series is a comedy-drama that is centered around the lives of employees at a fake news company in the Midwest. As the second season begins, we find our characters dealing with new challenges—from an overbearing boss to an emotional first date, to an unexpected romance. The show does a great job of showing how these different people react to their various problems and how they deal with them. This season adds more of that grille that made the first one so great. Little America is an ensemble in the best sense of the term. The cast feels like a family, especially after watching both seasons. The writing is stellar and the show has addictive storylines that you can’t help but get invested in. You get to know these characters so well, and they all grow individually throughout their time on screen. 

Why should you watch this series? 

Another thing that I love about Little America is the music. It’s perfectly themed to add to the tone of each scene and truly enhances the beauty of each episode. The show has a unique, creamy, dreamy quality to all of it. You almost feel like you are trapped in a weird sort of dream bubble watching it and that is what makes it so great. I seriously can’t rave about this show enough it quickly became one of my favorites on Apple TV+. The cast is so talented and they all work together to create an amazing series that makes you relate to their characters on a personal level (which isn’t easy).

Who can watch this series? 

Any Apple TV+ customer can watch Little America. It is a great show that you can watch with the whole family or alone on a Saturday night while snuggling up with a blanket and your favorite snack. The series is so well done, though, that even if you aren’t a subscriber, you will be in love with it. 


My reviews: 

I give Little America five out of five stars. It is a super fun show that is easy to fall in love with and is guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether you watch alone or with friends, this show will become the next one that you watch over and over again. It’s great for all ages so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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