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The Upcoming Horror Film ‘Skinamarink’ The Micro-Budget Horror Movie

The Upcoming Horror Film ‘Skinamarink’ The Micro-Budget Horror Movie

“Skinamarink,” a micro-budget horror movie, is set to release on January 13, 2023

Featuring bleak imagery and sound design, “Skinamarink” offers more than just thrills and chills. A clever blend of traditional narrative and art film, “Skinamarink” is unique for its low-fi approach to visuals.  Created on a microbudget and filmed over 12 days, “Skinamarink” is masterfully told by director Kyle Edward Ball. The movie’s sound design is integral to setting the mood and jumpscares are used sparingly throughout its runtime. Rather than focusing on gore or jump scares, “Skinamarink” relies heavily on symbolism and atmosphere; no monsters are storming through our haunted woods here. In “Skinamarink”, a mysterious forest appears to be a sentient entity that moves under its power. A family moves into a house in this rustic setting only to be tormented by paranormal events; they become trapped without any way of escaping. What follows is a tale of fantasy and horror that takes inspiration from many classic horror movies while also having its unique voice.

Who is in the cast?

  • Lucas Paul as Kevin
  • Dali Rose Tetreault as Kaylee
  • Ross Paul as Kevin and also Kaylee’s father
  • Jaime Hill as Kevin and also  Kaylee’s mother

Release Date:

The film had its world premiere on July 25, 2022, at the 26th Fantasia Film Festival and it is scheduled to be released on January 13, 2023.

what is the film about? 

“Skinamarink,” a micro-budget horror film, tells the story of Kevin and Kaylee, two children who wake up in the middle of the night to find their father missing. The house they live in is completely locked down, and at first, all they can see outside their windows is a dark forest. The main characters of “Skinamarink” are Kevin and Kaylee; their family and the forest are secondary in importance, which makes the story personal. While there is a love interest for Kaylee in the film, “Skinamarink” ultimately focuses on Kevin’s reflections about his father. His father has been missing along with his car, and Kevin strives to find out what happened to him. The two kids wish for an ending to the horrific events that have happened in this mysterious forest, but it’s not so easy; hallucinations, paranoia, and fear are ever-present as they wonder if their dad will ever come back.

What makes this film different from others? 

A film with a cast of only two children and a forest tends to sound boring. But “Skinamarink” has something unique to offer. This movie is unique because it doesn’t rely on jump scares or gore as its main source of horror. It’s shot in a standard fashion and relies on the atmosphere and music to enhance the scares. While there are some ghostly shadows and lights, the movie focuses more on the family’s paranoia and their struggle to get out of this haunted forest alive.


What makes this film interesting? 

“Skinamarink” was created on a microbudget and filmed for 12 days. Many movies have the same basic structure, with their main characters escaping a demonic forest through various tense situations that pay off at the end. But “Skinamarink” stands out because it focuses on something else: telling a story through symbolism and naïveté. The movie’s director is also very active on social media; he interacts with his fans and builds up hype for his movie before its release. He uses this time to share information about his film, gain feedback from fans and develop ideas for future projects.

Who can watch this film? 

Anyone who is a fan of the genre can appreciate this film. “Skinamarink” has elements of fantasy and real-life horror, while also having its unique charm. It may be better suited for older viewers due to some mild instances of blood and gore. This movie is more about the relationship between father and son than it is about escaping from a forest; it follows Kevin’s journey as he tries to find his dad, mixed with Kaylee’s fight for survival when she becomes trapped in the house along with her brother.

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