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The 2022 Horror Comedy Film ‘The Leech’ Review

The 2022 Horror Comedy Film ‘The Leech’ Review

The Leech is a black comedy film with elements of horror. this is another film that was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has also been used in other horror films such as The Purge and Annabelle. The Leech is another horror film that puts its morality in doubt while also depicting anarchy within society at large as morals are eroded by violence and chaos. The film was shot under COVID-19 pandemic conditions which makes the film look odd as a result but also allows for unusual and creative uses of camera movements. Its characters are also interesting and likable but there is a clear sense that some of the cast isn’t as good actors as others, this mainly applies to the children of which two were children of the director. The Leech is an interesting film but it doesn’t offer many new feature films in general except for how it looks due to shooting under COVID-19 conditions.

Who is in the cast?

  • Jeremy Gardner as Terry
  • Taylor Zaudtke as Lexi
  • Graham Skipper as Father David
  • Rigo Garay as Rigo

Release Date?

The horror film ‘The Leech’ had its world premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival on the 23rd of  June 2022. There is no news about when the movie gets released.

What is the film about? 

A couple is seen struggling to get by at an empty church on Christmas Eve. A deaconess (a woman who assists Christians) comforts them and invites them to stay with her for the night until revealed. Things seem to be going well when the couple realizes the deaconess is more than hospitable when she offers them a room with a bed and a bathroom. Things take a turn for the worse when The Leech, an evil parasite finds its way into the house and starts to feast on flesh. It must be killed for everyone to survive. As the film is ramping up, it starts to feel like a traditional horror film, but then it takes an unexpected turn in which we realize this will be an entirely different kind of horror film altogether.  It’s tough to get carried away with some scary moments when there are just so many funny moments mixed with them.

What makes this film interesting? 

The way the film is shot makes it interesting and doesn’t feel like a normal horror film. Most of the film takes place at night and tells its story from the perspective of a camera, which is highly interesting considering it’s not what you would expect from a horror film. It all comes together in the final act when things get a lot more creepy, especially in one scene involving possible head trauma. The best way I can describe this movie would be to say if “MST3K” were made for adults and then went all out on every moment, including some pretty weird nudity that isn’t meant to be sexualized but just adds to the humor of the situation.

Who can watch this film? 

This movie is meant to be extremely funny and even though it does have some scary moments, it’s more of a horror comedy than anything. It’s meant for anyone who enjoys those kinds of films but isn’t necessarily for kids. Some parts are pretty intense and under certain circumstances, could give kids nightmares.


What do I think about the film? 

I had a great time watching this movie. I couldn’t help but laugh as much as I was scared, which is pretty impressive considering how dark the film gets at times. The characters are also some of my favorites so far in the horror comedy genre and start a little boring, but end up being extremely likable. When things start to get a little more intense, it gets intense and you feel for the characters involved. When the film ends, you are happy because it’s cute to see how everyone’s lives turned out after all that went on in this film. 

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