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Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Could Exit the Role Of Aquaman For Lobo in DC Universe

According to a new report, it looks like Momoa’s time as Arthur Curry/Aquaman is set to come to an end with 2023’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This would mean that he would fail to complete his three-picture contract with Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment. However, it has also been suggested that Warner Bros.DC are interested in tapping the capabilities of Momoa as an action lead in one of their other major properties. Momoa’s name is being floated as the actor to play Lobo. Momoa is being considered for the role because of his physicality and love for playing against type characters. It should be noted that at this point, Momoa hasn’t signed a contract with Warner Bros.DC Entertainment to play Lobo. This would make it unlikely that he would sign on for a third go-round as one of DC’s most iconic heroes or villains. It is worth mentioning that the character of Lobo has been in comic book movie talks before.

What role is Momoa Expected to play in the DC upcoming Project? 

Momoa who is well known for his appearance in Aquaman as Arthur Curry will be expected to play Lobo in the upcoming project by DC. Lobo is the Main Antagonist of Teen Titans Go To The Movies. He made his first appearance in issue 35 of Wonder Woman as a bounty hunter and assassin. In his original origin story, Lobo was born on the planet Czarnia where he spent most of his life hunting and killing every living thing on the island until a group of rebels called The People’s Liberation Force poisoned him with an alien virus that made him a superpowered werewolf. After committing countless war crimes against the rebels, Lobo became an infamous bounty hunter-for-hire who would kill anyone for money while trying to collect a $1 billion bounty put on Superman’s head by Max Lord.

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What fans are expecting from the upcoming project? 

Fans are expecting the upcoming project to be worth their weight and are expecting the movie to give them a taste of what they have been expecting. It is worth noting that the debut of Lobo in Teen Titans Go To The Movies will not be exactly what fans want. The film itself has been met with a lot of controversies due to its plot, which is expected to change at some point. In the DC comics, Lobo is a ruthless Czarnian bounty hunter who kills for fun and profit, even wiping out his home planet for the thrill of it. Lobo has battled multiple clones of himself and fought with members of the Justice League over the years, from Superman to Aquaman. Fans are highly looking forward to watching Jason Momoa act as Lobo in the upcoming project and how he will portray his character.

What makes it exciting? 

The upcoming project promises to be exciting and will give fans a taste of Lobo. Many DC fans are expecting it to bring out the best in the actor and deliver a great performance by Momoa in the movie. Keep in mind that this is not the first time that Momoa has expressed his desire to play Lobo. He’s been vocal about it in various interviews and has even hinted at a solo film for the character. A lot of people have been excited at the thought of Momoa playing Lobo in the film and are anticipating seeing him do such a role. The actor himself has admitted that he is still looking forward to bringing out the best in his character and showing fans why his version of Lobo would be one that they’ll enjoy watching on screen.


What will be the targeted audience?

The targeted audience for the upcoming project will be DC fans. For them, the project is what they have been expecting it to be. It is worth noting that many DC fans have been holding their breath to see Momoa as Lobo, who has been described as a merciless and sadistic anti-hero.

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What makes the upcoming project different from other projects? 

Several factors make this upcoming project different from other projects. First of all, it is not yet clear whether or not Warner Bros.DC will be using the comic book character as a hero or as a villain in the upcoming project. As for the character’s background, Lobo is known for being one of DC’s most popular anti-heroes who has been described as a ruthless bounty hunter-for-hire and has killed many people over the years before losing his humanity.

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