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Gal Gadot’s upcoming Film Wonder Woman 3 Gets cancelled

We had previously reported about the film “Wonder Woman 3” in the DC Universe, which is going to be directed by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot is going to portray the lead role. The film has been rumored to be canceled as of now, for no particular reason. It’s not completely confirmed that the movie might get scraped, but it might happen considering no details have come up about it yet. This news is disappointing for all Wonder Woman fans who have eagerly awaited her next solo trip to theatres. The Wonder Woman fans who had been waiting for the release of the movie for quite some time have been disappointed to hear the news of the cancellation. Now there is no reason to hope that it gets done and the fans can look forward to seeing new superhero films regularly. There has been no official announcement as yet, but as per sources, Warner Bros. might just want to focus on their DC films like Aquaman and Shazam from DCEU and Justice League 2 from Disney rather than concentrate on Wonder Woman 3. Wonder woman is one of the biggest blockbuster hit films to ever be released by DC and has grossed over $822 million so far.

Why did the film get canceled? 

The film, which will be directed by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot will now be scrapped due to no particular reason. According to the sources, it is believed that the studio might just want to focus on their DCEU projects like Aquaman and Shazam, which are being released later this year.  It seems now they are moving on with other superheroes after canceling this movie and they have no plan on making it number 4.

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About the ‘Wonder Women’ film:

Wonder Woman is a film that tells the story of an American pilot whose plane crashes on Themyscira, the mythical island on which Amazons live. There, he meets Princess Diana, who was raised to be a warrior and decides to leave home to fight for justice across the world. This film features a plot similar to the plot of the Marvel comic “Wonder Woman” in which the origin of Diana, Princess of Themyscira is revealed. However, while this movie is based on that concept, it will not be a sequel to the original comic book, but rather an adaptation of her origin story. The film stars Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Diana’s aunt Antiope and Robin Wright as General Antiope. When released in June 2017, Wonder Woman broke box office records and became one of the most successful films ever made. It also inspired female empowerment worldwide and helped re-popularize “warrior training” movies such as Xena: Warrior Princess. 

Why should I watch this film?

Wonder Woman is the first live-action film to feature an all-female cast and a female director. This film will be released in the summer of 2017 and is expected to be a box-office success. As a result, we need to understand the plot of this story, as well as its context. This film not only gives us a meaningful look at Diana’s history but also illustrates the importance of gender equality and female empowerment in society. Though it may inspire women to pursue careers in fields such as law or teaching, it also offers an empowering message for all women around the world. Experts have stated that it is possible that Wonder Woman could become the first female superhero to receive a live-action film treatment from Warner Brothers and DC Comics.


Who can watch this film?

Overall, Wonder Woman is a film for all ages, but it may be inappropriate for children under age thirteen. The film contains many bloody battle scenes, some strong language, and a few brief sex scenes. It may also inspire young women to join the military and pursue careers as soldiers. This is something that may be inappropriate for young girls who have not yet developed the maturity to understand this type of career choice. Other than these concerns, Wonder Woman is appropriate for viewers of all ages.

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