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Hulu Upcoming Drama Series ‘we were the lucky ones’ limited series, Amit Rahav, Eva Feiler, and Hadas Yaron Joins The Cast

A new drama series coming to Hulu, We Were the Lucky Ones is adding three talented individuals in their starring roles. In the limited series, Amit Rahav will play Jakob, Eva Feiler will play Bella and Hadas Yaron will play David. With these talented stars joining this project, there is no doubt that it won’t be a hit.  Hulu’s We Were the Lucky Ones is based on a novel of the same name which is written by Georgia Hunter. It is about a Jewish family’s escape from Poland with the help of a Polish peasant girl, Bella. The show will be directed by one of the best directors in Hollywood, Academy Award winner Thomas Kail. The executive producers of the show include Becca Proffitt and Ben Cotner. Bella and her family are fictional, but the show will feature real events that happened during World War II. However, the focus is on Bella’s family, not the actual history of Poland during this time. Hulu will have its first collaboration with Hulu Originals in 2022 with We Were the Lucky Ones. 

Who is in the cast?

  • Joey King 
  • Logan Lerman as Addy
  • Robin Weigert as Nechuma
  • Amit Rahav as Jakob
  • Lior Ashkenazi as Sol
  • Hadas Yaron as Mila
  • Eva Feiler as Bella

Release Date?

Currently, the project is in production, and also no confirmed release date has been announced yet. we can expect it to be released at the end of 2023 or 2024.

What is the series about? 

We Were the Lucky Ones is a drama series about family and survival. The series will be based on the novel of the same title written by Georgia Hunter. The story takes place in Poland during World War II. It will follow a young girl named Bella, who helps a Jewish family escape from German soldiers for over a year. With most of her family murdered, she is determined to ensure that the remaining members survive, above all else. The series will be about one family’s survival and will focus on the relationship between Bella and Jakob. Although the show is based on a true story, it will focus more on the relationship between Bella, Jakob, and David. It will follow their lives through the war and hopefully, beyond it. It will be a dramatic family story that shows what life was like during World War II in Poland. 

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What makes this series interesting? 

We Were the Lucky Ones is a limited series, which is rare. It will be only six episodes. This makes the series even more exciting because so little is known about it. It will be Hulu’s first collaboration with Hulu Originals and it takes place in World War II, a period that very few stories have been told about on the screen. We Were the Lucky Ones has the potential to make history as one of the most popular historical dramas to ever be created by Hulu. The story of We Was the Lucky Ones portrays how difficult life must have been for people during World War II. Storylines will be based on the reality that people lived through during these times. The series should be a good piece of entertainment for everyone, as it focuses on family bonds. 

Who can watch this series? 

Because it is so limited, the show will be able to reach a small audience. However, people who are interested in history and family drama will be able to watch the series. The series could also appeal to those who were not alive during the war. This includes teenagers who may want to learn more about what it was like living in Poland during this time. We Were the Lucky Ones will appeal to a larger audience than historical dramas such as Holocaust or Our Way.

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