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MCU Upcoming Movie ‘Fantastic four 2025’ Is Set For 2025 Release

It is with much pleasure that I write to beg the question of whether or not Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a prequel to Fantastic Four 2025. The year is 2022 when we are introduced to a new superhero team, a brand new take on Marvel’s iconic superhero team. It has been 6 years since the last film and several members have died during events such as Civil War. It’s not only the members of the team that have changed, but also several friends and former enemies of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic. What follows is a battle between two groups: one group, who want to keep on fighting crime and save humanity at any cost; and another group who thinks they’re better than humanity. After all, it seems lost until a mysterious man appears with his agenda and strange powers that can’t seem to be explained by science. Therefore we are introduced to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

What to expect from this upcoming film? 

What made it so special is the fact that this was a “prequel” to Fantastic Four 2025. The prequel did not have the same plot, nor did it have the same characters in it. It seemed to take place at a very different time in history with different characters than Fantastic Four. In other words, the Fantastic Four 2025 movie could still happen. It appears that it takes place in 2025. One of the enemies in the movie was an alternative version of Reed Richards who appeared to have been a hero in his timeline. So, it seems that there are multiple timelines at play here and that in this world, “evil” Reed Richards had gone back in time to stop Doctor Strange from ever appearing and destroying their world. In hindsight, the Fantastic Four movie is still definitely going to happen and I can only imagine how epic it’s going to be.

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What are MCU fans’ reactions to the news?

The majority of the reactions on Twitter and Social Media are positive. They want to know more but hope that this is the first comic book movie that takes place in the MCU. They are excited to see Dr. Strange in an MCU film, and they believe it will be awesome and epic. Marvel fans have been building up for years to see Doctor Strange in a comic book film. They’re excited about this release, with one fan stating: “If it turns out I’m just crazy then I have absolutely nothing to fear. However, this could mean a lot for the MCU. It’s possible, from what we’ve seen in Infinity War, that there are many universes and many piles of earth out there just like Marvel’s comics show us.

Who can watch this upcoming film? 

Anyone who is a fan of superheroes, crossovers, or anything related to the MCU can go watch this movie. It’s not just for Marvel fans. While this movie is still considered a comic book film, it is much different than other films in the genre. This movie is about heroes and villains, with the good guys trying to save the earth from a villain trying to destroy it. This story involves an ancient evil making an appearance that could destroy everything that we know in our world today.

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