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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ The Sequel Of ‘Top Gun’ Is Coming Back To The Theaters For Two Weeks

Tom Cruise is coming back to theatres in the form of Top Gun: Maverick. The film is a sequel to the original from 1986 and will be playing in December for people to see it again before it leaves for good. This sequel has been announced by Joseph Kosinski, who directed “The Mummy”. He stated, “Top Gun is one of those cultural touchstones that I feel lucky to have grown up with.” Top Gun: Maverick stars Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell and Val Kilmer as Tom Black. Other cast members include Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris. The original Top Gun grossed $1.486 billion at the box office. It has become one of those movies that people love to watch over and over again. This film is one of the best and most beloved films in history. The film will be out in around 2,000 theatres on December 2nd, 2022, and will be playing for only two weeks before being taken away (hopefully not forever). Joseph Kosinski said that “the original was so much fun to watch over and over again.” It’s returning for the holiday season.

About the Cast:

  • Tom Cruise as Captain Pete. 
  • Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom.
  • Miles Teller as Lieutenant Bradley. 
  • Jennifer Connelly as Penelope.
  • Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral Beau.
  • Lewis Pullman as LT Robert.
  • Ed Harris as Rear Admiral Chester. 
  • Monica Barbaro as LT Natasha. 
  • Manny Jacinto as LT Billy. 
  • Raymond Lee as LT Logan. 
  • Jake Picking as LT Brigham.

Release Date:

The film was originally released on the 27th of May 2022 and on the 2nd of December 2022 the film is getting a re-release for 2 weeks.

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What is the film Top Gun: Maverick about? 

The film is about a guy named Pete Mitchell, who went by the name “Maverick” in the first movie. He is the best fighter pilot in the Navy and he’s known for being innovative in his flying skills. He’s been suspended from flying after an incident with a civilian jet, which led him to pursue a new career as an instructor at the Top Gun Naval School. According to Kosinski, “the idea of Maverick being surrounded by (young pilots) was like putting a shark in with blood.” Maverick becomes re-energized after he’s recruited to help train new pilots and be on a team again. He is paired with a female pilot, who has skills that no one else has. The film follows the two of them in their journey to get past the things that have taken them out of the game.

Who is the director of the film? 

Joseph Kosinski is the director and co-writer of the film. He previously directed “Oblivion” and “Tron: Legacy.” Other films he’s been involved in include “Kosinski co-wrote and directed one of the most innovative films of 1997.

Why should I watch this film? 

The main reason this film should be watched is because of the actors. Tom Cruise, starred in this and the first Top Gun movie. He will now be reprising his role as Maverick Mitchell, who is a Navy pilot known for being crazy aggressive when he’s flying. He got his nickname after he went against the military’s rules by performing an unusual barrel roll in a jet plane. Val Kilmer starred in the original 1986 film. This time around, Kilmer will be playing Tom Black, a shot-down air force pilot and trainer at the Top Gun Naval school.

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